Take a break,my pleasure

hello guys, how are you?
I want to share the recipe for “pistolers” that I use in the arena
Maybe someone is interested, I’ll be happy to show you
to be honest this build is actually a suicide build, meaning “kill or be killed” because it’s so unbalanced…, the status in the arena is only 1513 HP and 1852 Power, that means you only have 1 shot,if you fail…, you die🏳️
I really want to stop first, because I’m busy with work , Maybe I’ll come back later when I have free time :pray: This is the one I wore in the arena, Previously, I’m sorry I can’t explain in detail with this build, OK? check it out


Im using cerberus pet

maybe most pvp players use the “clasp of terror” ring, here I don’t use it I also use 3xTimewarp and 4xRicochet, The reason I use timewarp is because after I tested the ricochet damage it got really big

Hope you like this as a little gunner :grin:
See you All my friends :pray::wave:


especially to @Hans
a few days ago sent me a message, I understand very well …, Even though you think I hid the red(ruby affix) in my pet, it’s a shame that your guess is wrong
I open it openly here, so you know there is no legend affix in my pet, I hope you are satisfied, and can try this build :grin:
Happy gamming :grinning:


I suppose we’re gonna see a lot more pistoleers in arena now haha, always appreciate seeing an arena build, helps to see what other people are working on since everythings usually ‘hush-hush’ :yum:
Can definitely tell you’ve been crafting this for a while, looking at that drudic set thats made its way onto the epiphany helm :joy:

Hope you’re well man, we look forward to seeing you back… even if its just around the forums!

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enjoy your time away, you will be sorely missed in Arena & Forums.

ohh! :eyes: that Mythitech Set, nice touch!.

woaah, that’s not what I mean, I mean I’m impressed with your build and nick Hetzer, 2 pistolers that are difficult to pass, and my question was actually just a joke, not serious
now I know, so this is the build you use in the arena, I was wrong, I thought you weren’t using the mythitec set, apparently that’s what makes the skill potential increase, All skills from elixer
Thank you for giving an example openly, I will follow you in the top 3 row
enjoy your time and busyness, spending a little time to talk with us in the forum
I’m sorry and also grateful

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I want to ask, maybe the last question and I hope you still have time to read it
a few days ago i met your char in the arena, is the build you are using is the build you are sharing? I recorded it, and it looks like you’re wearing a pet Tink(Druidic)

how did you get +10 time wrap on Rouge chest?

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Epic +10 Ricochet on offhand weapon? Really? :thinking::thinking:


and a Time Warp on Chest :thinking: :joy:

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