Tank warrior

Hi i want just to ask if how can I make my warrior tanky and more heal, he have like 400k hp but i dont know what to do next. I hope you can help me. Thank you


Well it pribably wont help you, but i ounce had a build i called fat boy after the first atom bomb. Every time his hammer fell, he would launch and proc so many aoes it honestly looked and acted like a atom bomb going off, kill every enemy near by either by the explosin or the fall out, and instantly die. Ironicaly i was atempting to make a tank build.

Perhaps makeing use of battle mage set affix might help?

Thank youu


I think the Druidic Set Bonus gives +5000 HP Regen, but you need 2 Druidic Set on your Gears…

look around the Codex for affixes, skills, talents, and anything else that improves your healing.

are you looking for a PVP or PVE tank?

Uhm i have druidic at my fairy pet. I put blood magic is it okay? Uhm can i do both? Im still farming while learning so maybe for pve tank for now

I saw a talent of affix called bloodbath what does it do and also the all healing?

All Healing - improves healing from To Hit, Regeneration, and I think from Heal% from Myth Stones. I’m not sure if it affects healing from any other sources, as I haven’t really looked into it, but it might. on higher floors, I usually go with 2 Glasscannon and end up with 1 HP, but some day I would like to try a high level build with Blood Magic… and, well, just about everything in DQ just to see what’s possible and fun!

Bloodbath - Bleed heals 0.2% per Rank of your Base HP per tic. when your enemies are bleeding, you get healed. bleed causes damage once a second for 10 seconds, or 10 tics total. what I don’t know is if you have multiple enemies bleeding, do you get healing from all of them or from just one.

Blood Magic - Bloodmagic converts any MP heals to HP heal if you have them. doubles spell costs. does 200% of your missing HP % damage (if a monster damages you for 15% of your HP, then you would do +30% damage).

the difficult thing with Blood Magic is having lower HP without dying or being healed 100% all the time. so usually it’s only good for lower floors and maybe Farm Builds. one way around this for higher floors is to have lots of Dodge & Block for defense, and use Masochist Set to lower your HP to ~50% from your healing. with Blood Magic, you would need lots of HP because of double skill costs or other ways to cast skills that use lower costs or cast skills for free. using Masochist allows Blood Magic to average +80% to +120% damage on a regular basis. with Bloodbath, you could use your bleeding enemies to cause Masochist to lower your HP so that your Blood Magic does more damage.

hope this helps.

So i could use masochist, i have my rouge the bleeding and crushing blow would it work for warrior even thought he has not the one who causes a bleeding to enemies of no?

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Im learning hehe

that’s a good question. there are some affix combinations that work like that, but I don’t know about this one. you could do a test and let us know. :smile:

have Bloodbath & Masochist on Warrior, and see if Rogue causing enemies to Bleed lowers the Warriors HP because of Bloodbaths healing. you could test it against monsters on Campaign maps and also the PVP Test Dummy.

learning is fun, unless you die a lot, but that is still learning the hard way! :laughing:

Thank youuu im going to test it ,btw im using faunt gift robe i got 202 luck on it

good luck on the test, and may the +202% Luck bring you lots of treasure! :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you, i tell you what is the result after i done it okay,i dont have crystals yet hehe

Hi i did the experimentation on pvp test dummy Im not sure if bleeding of rogue affects the hireling warrior but my warrior loses health a bit. So maybe it works like bleeding of rogue heals the warrior if it is equipped with bloodbath. Try it yourself guys hehe

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aarrgg!!! I guess I need to do the test myself just to see if this works. besides, there is another test I need to do to make sure my memory is ok… the test is ‘does Reflect Damage cause Bleed?’ I think I did the test before, but I don’t remember anymore. :crying_cat_face:

Sorry, good luck on the test, maybe you have a lot of things mind so you forgot it. Just kidding

I will admit, sometimes I forget about doing tests or end up doing something else, but then there are the times it’s the DQ Tests that are on my mind… and this looks like a fun test to figure out.

Good luck for it, I hope you can figure it out