Team play experience. SOLVED

Brand new wiki needs contributors . Who’s willing to edit? I’m willing to but I may need help.

I would, and thought about it, but then i realized the site is not local. I won’t make new accounts off site for dungeon quest. I have my DQ account here.

If I could have logged in using this account, or if it was hosted here… I would have, in fact, I probably would have rewrote, recategorized, and reformatted a lot of stuff around here. For the record, I’ve tried, but with 8 edit restriction p/day it’s hard. Lol

I get tired of ““this was mentioned in other thread”” remarks. People can’t honestly expect users to read what is the equivalent of 8 novel gunslinger content do they. Most people would rather just play the game.

Also, as I mentioned, at no point ever in any thread I have read, researching this matter with @Mr_Scooty and @CuzegSpiked, two well known versed members who also could not give a definitive answer…

EVEN tdaniel’s own comment in my screenshot above isn’t clear on this matter.

Sigh. Perhaps I will write all my findings. I would love to hear back from @tdaniel when he retrieves the exact penalty applied.

Anyways. I’m VERY GLAD this is resolved. Thanks everyone. Scooty, Cuze and tdaniel.


I am writing up a post about it now for the front page and putting together some basic support type entries for the wiki.

I am not very confident in my ability to translate my text so I will probably capture video for the support items I am creating on my end, just for ease of explanation.


You rock dude. Thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s my breakdown.

Solo play.
Epiphany (7) = 270 possible exp gain
Boosted = 370 exp gain

Team play.
Epiphany (7) = 205-215’ish. Need check my stuff
Boosted = 235

It’s important to remember the monsters are static. So in fact, although experience is split between characters… 2 x characters at 235 == 470… (this assumes both characters are the same level)

That means although each char gains less being in a team… they actually are getting more exp awarded from the monster kills in the grand sum of things. Then it’s divided between the two… And the extra added bonus of luck item find etc

After getting all variables in order… it’s quite the clever little formula. Again. Ty @tdaniel for following this through with me. :slight_smile:

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Epiphany (8) :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: .

If you want… but my build doesn’t use 8. :slight_smile: higher cap kinda becomes irrelevant during team play. Afaik

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Ofc I knew that. Still, it’s a possibility.

Anything’s a possibility with an exp build because in reality, you only need to optimize for floor 101 crushing. And that’s candy :slight_smile:

But you know me, item drops is always a prioriy. :eyes:

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(thanks to steiger for the formula help)

So you get 100 added to experienced gain when you have a hireling, but then the experience is split 50/50 if you’re the same level.

Using Homicinobi’s account:

  1. Add 100 -> 370 (from Paid Exp Boost)
  2. Add 100 -> 470 (from 2 player bonus)
  3. Divide by 2 -> 235 (from exp share)

Without any purchased exp boost you start at 0

  1. Add 100 -> 100 (from 2 player bonus)
  2. Divide by 2 -> 50 (from exp share)

Homicinobi… Lol. :slight_smile:

Thanks @tdaniel and @SteigerBox Makes perfect sense now. Ty

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Lol :joy:


@Homicinobi that is so funny! :laughing:
it looks like not only is the experience split in half, if there is a level difference between the main and hireling, there is the level difference penalty also, for the lower level character. as mentioned in another post on this subject.
that might explain why 2 player mode can’t be played on very easy, which doesn’t have an experience boost.
but a small hit on experience for more loot is a good balance.

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yup. it works out well actually.

glad all the info is complete now. :slight_smile:

now you can do 2 player in peace.
look out monsters, team @Homicinobi is focused on farming now!

i already was… if you see my breakdown above, theres a few real good reasons to use 2 chars. :slight_smile:

but this is all personal playstyle decided ofc

one thing I am beginning to like and appreciate about this game is the ability to be the master of many skills and abilities, or the Grand Master of a few, and on top of that, so much variety, and that is before you even add in working with a hireling.
one thing I learned in team play is that a hireling doesn’t last long on a diet of random gear. after I learn a little more about solo play, I might start up with 2 player again. learned so much in the Forums.


Way too much maths. I just wing it :innocent:


lol. it works. :slight_smile:

this is a good post for players who are wondering why their hireling isn’t leveling up as fast as they thought it should.