The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE]


Depends. My playstyle is fast movement so I would always try to get aftermath or high teleportation/ movement speed. My pvp build currently does high dps but my farming aftermath build needs improving. I want to almost make it like my personal fortune bringer or get my warrior to be fortune bringer while I will try to make a green garden type build. I might be able to get aftermath on a green garden type build and make it even more op that it lags tge screen because of how op it is. I can’t stand low move speed of any form. Is it worth it to make aftermath build? I guess that depends on your definition of worth it really. This build is best for people who started the game really and it does crush mythic 3 very well. Also the best for my playstyle really. If theres better builds, sire go for it. My current pvp build has had a lot of changes but i keeping it secret to most ppls in forums until sometime later. My pve aftermath build has ok dmg and good farming affixes. If you want high dps aftermatg, you just need some knowledge if you want to that is… You could make your other builds or go with it. Up to you rlly.


thanks. my current aftermath build actually turned out to be a greengarden-ish build and it does around 300m damage. i still want to put more damage to it without taking out the aftermath-ness of it. sorry for the terms coz i dont know how to express it that well :smile:


I know that feeling. I tried to attempt it but I gave up because my build just happened to perform better in pvp. Also when looking at the green garden build, I cant think of a way to give it the aftermath feeling but I think blinkstrike proc is an alternative if I wanted to try out green garden and be really fast.


update it more. it can do billions




Agreed. Just have knowledge about it and creativity. To deal billions, I could create entirely different pve build with aftermathy element to it but I need to have time. I just need crazy ideas to make this high floor build because it has potential and a hell of a lot of inspiration.


crazy idea give crazy result. muehehehehe that what i do most of time on most of my build.


i have a wizard aftermath pve build. and it can do billions. when the meteor falls down, its over. lol


i have rogue build that deal trillion damage. :slight_smile:


then thats good. :smile:. dont have any rogue. i hope it does trillion in just a hit and without poison.


and since we are on a aftermath build thread. try making a trillion damage aftermath build so you can brag it here


it easy tho, greengarden MH special is meteor lol. 1 shot and it billion of damage. anyway poison not the only element can do such damage lol. my rogue not a poison user, it just rogue with X element and deal trillion lol


your built rely with the number of affected mobs. lol

you can also try to make a video. goodluck


So your meteor with aftermath not taunt mobs.? u not relying on those mobs.? lol.

cant make video. old device, not rooted. sorry if that disappointing u.


it does taunt the mobs that wasnt in the range of the meteor. but when hit by a meteor, they disappear.

even not rooted phones can install a video app. dont worry im not disappointed.


i said old device, ive try non rooted but it req android ver.4 something and up. anyway what floor that meteor hit and mobs disappeared.


500+ m3. never tried it to 600 though.


ahh nice, gonna try make 1 pure aftermath meteor&Shatter build once 2.1 release, ive the formula and resources now but i want to see first what new item have, i mean affix, i dont want waste any resources on wrong item. haha


Plz show me lol. I need inspiriation!!!


@cronos4321 Where do you put aftermath in green garden build? I may or may not need meteor procs for it. I know it would probs lag the screen with huge dps numbers but I don’t mind that. Which set affix go replace. I can then make aftermath green garden in peace dealing billions! Would be appreciated thanks.

Also how is it easy to add aftermath into green garden build? I know I don’t need aftermath for every build but just curious to know really.