The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE]


you need a video? or the built itself?


thats right. for sure there are a lot of new stuffs on the upcoming patch


You have a video!? I want both actually but show me secretly by invite if you dont want to share affixes to everyone that is?


@cronos4321 when you say “trillions” in damage, does it mean 1 hit=trillion or did you total all damages you’ve seen in the area or surrounding and come up with trillion?


Yeah… Pipe dreams, man…


would be interesting to see a proof


I guess he’s talking about the trillion damage before the devs fixed the exploit in poison damage that causes the damage exponentially.


Well, he did say “I have.” Curiouser and curiouser.



youll never see it. @cronos4321 has an old phone. lol


You’re probably right, even if he had a new phone. Lol.


i think cronos farms at 195-200. guess you dont even need 100+M to wipe those mobs. lol


its hundred million then “POW” hundred billion-trillion.
Its current build i have tho, basically its not due to a bug. and its not a poison build lol.


sponsor me new phone and u will see all my guide with video. and for this u will see the trillion too. lol


not a poison build. and its a rogue and currently~


we actually dont need your guide. a video would be enough.

goodluck again on your trillions. LMAO


“WE” lol… just pray for dev make damage above billion fade slowly or gave longer duration before it vanish. there u will only need a screenshot and i can do that right away IF i can screenshot bofore it gone. there no need goodluck, its not i try, i already have it before and i have now,


Actually the reason why I wasted so much crystals because of that “trillion” damage thingy after reading @cronos4321 explanations . I always change, tweak my affixes. Now I doubt if 1 hit can DO trillions? I can already do 1b-14b on my chakram build before, but after reading some of the comments that they can do xx billion-trillion I felt build is not that good. But now I have a new build dagger that has a very high potential, I already tested it at floor 700+ and didn’t die even at 99.4% glasscannon. I will share that build after I finalize it. ATM, it can do 700m max still with alot of lacking affixes.


lol there some try and error when u craft and i lose alot to when i craft. giving 100% on guide, when we all aware its on public and there alot abuser around that can copy 1:1 without lose anything. its just like “hey i lose alot crystal when craft this, so here the complete guide, please abuse so u get OP build without losing more than needed”. No i dont do that, i give a guide so ppl can use it as a guide. and didt i spoil some of it in explaination.? u dont need attack speed when u use relying on attack. on the picture also dont have crystal MP regen, but in explaination, i told my total mp regen and hp regen. its a poison cloud build. so try remove unnecessary thing first like multiattack, attack speed eth. u see what left and just improve that lol. i can make it. i do that damage. so yeah if u can do that WHEN u get thing right.


But i still dont believe 1 hit=trillion in damage. You might added all the damage you saw on the screen or even all the damage you made after finishing the map. And you might need to read the definition of the word “ABUSE” and internalize its meaning. LOL


abuse? lol. ITS spike damage. when attack it deal couple hundred million and when monster in certain condition using special skill at right timing and kapow! hundred billion if lucky i can see it go 4 digit. the highest ive doing with rogue is 5029.17B = 5.02T

u need to consider damage multiplying affix like momentum, advanture, defiant, eth.

skill that boost attack damage like stealth.

talent that help boost damage like relentless.