The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE]


I was referring to your prior reply. This:

"when we all aware its on public and there alot abuser around that can copy 1:1 without lose anything. its just like “hey i lose alot crystal when craft this, so here the complete guide, please abuse so u get OP build without losing more than needed”.

You were using the word “abuse” when someone will copy your build? Why is it an abuse? Or you just dont know the exact meaning of the word?


it is abuse when a player using certain method to craft that can make them only need 6 obsidian 6 amethyst 8 ruby, eth eth. u know what i mean. they not lose more than needed.


Not abuse, per se. Laziness and lack of creativity is more fitting.





Point of this guide is just a guide on how to make aftermath builds. At fhe time, I thought 40 meteor and that were the best but obviously I was a newbie at fhe time. The basic as usual though is having 4 aftermath whether you have 4 pieces of gear, amethyst and all sets if you can. You can modify it to do crazy dmg and anything can make it strong. Thats why I said guide because I knew mine wasn’t the best and I did say what made it work.


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yes, i’ve read the whole thing when i saw it. but what i mean is maybe we can “pin” the rules on the home(?) page of the forums so they’ll be reminded or something like that.


what skill and stats should i upgrade?


It all up to you.


Wow such a long progression from when I made my aftermath build lol :wink: . It was cool to make I have to admit and at the time of making this guide, I didn’t know a thing about amethyst and how other classes can get aftermath or trickster and stuff like that.

I said it was wizard guide at the time because i didn’t know much or anything abt all sets and amethyst. I think this guide is for any class but best for wizards. Because wizards just use meteor best whereas other class best suited for other abilities such as whirlwind, blinkstrike, sprint, throwsword, etc etc.


I’m still lvl22 though and I’m confuse of what to build and the combo, but when I saw this post it gave an idea thanks m8 :slight_smile:


Your welcome dude :slight_smile:


Hey cuzegspiked! Lovin ur build! But quick question for stats? HEALTH, MANA, or POWER?


Depends. If you don’t care about hp because you can easily avoid enemies attack and speedily destroy floor, dont click hp. Mana use if you don’t use energy mythic or so. Power is must have.

I would say that depending on your situation, 66 hp, 66 mp and rest power.

If you have easy mana from energy mythic or something and destroy floors easily while dodging most thing, no hp point, no mana points and 299 power but thats best for high dps build.

Most builds with the objective to go for high floor use 299 power or 2/3 points go to power and rest goes to mana.

It is all up to you though and the purpose of the build.


40 point of Meteor but how can we get 5-10 meteor ? I see only 3-4 is maximum ( also i had Multi Attk Afiix ) ?


First invest 20 of hero point into meteor skill then add 5+ meteor on staff, hat,robe,amulet/ring. Basically staff and everything else except thr orb can have the epic affix +5 meteor which increases the hero points. Offhand cannot have a mainhand affix skill like +5 meteor or blinkstrike or any other skill that counts as mh but the mh and every other gears can have the +5 meteor skill.i hope you get where I am coming from.

You can have 4 of them to add 20 extra hero points and 20 you added +20 on gear = 40 meteor. 40 is max hero points. Anymore than that is a huge waste of affix slot and waste of hero point gain.


I know how to get 40 skill point Meteor ( i got 2 Elixer Mythstone :slight_smile: , but i mean : Meteor drop only 2-3 stone not 4-10 :frowning:
One more question : Multi Attack only effect for First Skill on weapon such as : Comet , Blast… ? Because with 4 Multi Attack i can see plenty Comet but the number of Meteor still same ?


multi attack only works with the primary skill so even if you use discordance the meteor count will depend on the hero points and/or procs


help me for my rouge…
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