The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE]

How to play my DQ Cloud account in Battle Arena?

Dang, I progressed so much by a long shot since I first posted the Aftermath build. I really did learn alot over a period of 8 months. I can see this build doing easy trillions of dmg if you use green garden or just many billions depending on what type of build is used for aftermath.

You enter the arena and it gets saved after the first time you entered with your account. It gets saved on server. Cloud can save your other progress like loots.

Try Ascenant Build, it’s also goo

Ascendant+Arcanist ftw! :slight_smile: Arcanist only seems to work with Ascendant anyways but at least Ascendant is being used alot. That used to be my favourite set affix back when I was new to DQ.

Using arca+ascend,

  1. do u need 30% elem crit?
  2. Is ‘of elements’ nature needed?

You do indeed need 30% elemental critical affix. However, it’s up to you if you want 30% ed in nature. It is recommended generally for elemental builds though. With all that in mind, good luck! :blush:

You are always positive, supportive, friendly and upbeat. Thank you for being an awesome person Justin!



How would this be as a starting point for an aftermath build?

I’m wondering if the % ice dmg is usefull in any way. Dunno what kind of element you want your MH to be for the build:)

Anyone who dabbled with the aftermath build, who can enlighten me? I’m thinking ice dmg is OK for a little extra cc? Dunno what kind of dmg is best for the build? :slight_smile:

Ice element is good, if you use Ice element for that Robe then use Ice elements for all of your items. And put some Elemental Critical. And try to get Arcanist :smiley:

How does it come that others have to buy potions amd others dont ?

They are playing on a very old build of the game

how i can do that ? (5) without you wear 5 gear Example:- (5) Crystalline, without you wear 5 gear<:
and if i will make that build what the suggest of mythic "

you know more powerful Build ?

Using the elixir mythstone on the Amulet and the Ring. The affix is 2+ all sets . If you have 2 of the 2+all sets affix from the Elixir Mythstone or the legend affix found on legends such as Nadroji Amulet with ring or the haunting amulet .

Since you have 2 of the 2+ All sets affix, this means you reach the total cap of 4+ All sets.

This means Crystalline(1) can turn into Crystalline (5) as 1+4= 5 when you use the set affix on one slot. If you have 2 slots allocated for the Crystalline set affix with the 4+all sets, Crystalline (6) happens as 2+4=6.

The cap of set affixes are (8). To easily get (8), you need +all sets affix. With 4+ All sets, if you use 4 slots for a set like plagued , instead of plagued (4), it will turn to plagued (8) as 4+4=8. (5) on most sets is usually more than enough to experience enough power and be efficient to use other set affixes so essentially, you can have up to 7 set affixes in use (8th is trophy but that’s only active in Multiplayer).


can i see your build?

Sorry,waching this just now( internet explorerspeed) but dont judge me for that :D, is this is ur first items? that u managed to improve?cant read half of the text e.e

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This post was my very first post and very first build I made. I was a newbie at the time. But obviously I improved to other builds if you’ve seen my other builds:

Will of the Force Build:

Charged Inferno Aftermath build using fire and shock:

Meteor God my very first PvP build I made a year ago:

Yeah the initial text of this post is my first proposed aftermath build and then the later posts improved it. I did get 40k views surprisingly and 1k views on certain links. I never expected such popularity lol.