The "Bad Wolf" build



that is a nice build. you can keep your distance supporting your Minions with Ricochet, drop Traps to Ensnare, and Storm for emergencies. and Time Warp for attack & defend.


Cheers Golem. I think we are the last DQ players now


I think a lot of people are traveling for Thanksgiving in America, and any other holidays that are happening in other countries.

I have 3-4 more levels for my first Perks for my Ascending Team. I think I am going to get the Perks I want, and then work on getting my level 1, 40, and 100 Gears started. Dealer Perk for the Hireling for more Gold selling items and Fortunate Perk for Main to boost my farming while Ascending. Main and Hireling is the only way to get 2 Perks on your first Ascension.


Agreed. I made the mistake of splitting perks between main and hireling. I’m finally approaching my last and most boring perk of hunter


it is only a mistake if you don’t get the right 2 Perks for Main & Hireling when you get the First Perk. I thought of doing 2 Dealer Perks so both could sell for 10x Gold, but Fortunate for Main improves the items that are found, so items sold by Hireling gains more Gold from selling items. people going Eternal items might get Treasured first for the Main, but that Perks does better with Fortunate backing it up. basically, plan ahead when getting Perks if you are Ascending a Main & Hireling together. and remember that Dealer for Hireling is a must, since I think it is the only Perk that works on the Hireling.

I thought Hunter Perk was great! I got it fifth for the extra Epic monsters at the Shrines to get more experience and loot, and to speed up some of the Feat requirements. it helped out a lot when I Ascended for my sixth Perk, Treasured.


Well I’m two levels from my final ascension. I’m excited :sunglasses:


I think this is from Galaxy Quest…Never Give Up, Never Surrender!


Hey yo! I’m here too;at least techniuqely: I waiting for DUNGEON QUEST(²) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The natures now are all death.


you will be getting a lot of Crits.


ThAnkzz" for share of us! (Bad wolf build) @dickwad


My pleasure


Thanks to @Mr_Scooty . This is an hybrid immortal and anti immortal build