The basic reason why eternal pets are rubbish

Crafting a legend pet to have all the stats that you require takes such a long time and a hell load of crystals then what are the chances of an eternal pet dropping the same ? Virtually zero. The dinference between legend and eternal pets are that the player using an eternal adapts their build to the pet. The legend pet is adapted to the player


indeed. Also even if only recently that legend pets could be edited, the point remains true. I remember when you couldnt edit pets in general but legend pets at least were still prefered because they dropped often and finding the right one happened more. I am thankful for the pet craft though.

@ObiWanKenobi would agree with you i think :slight_smile: .

Still even though eternal pets I dont quite like, I still at least like having an eternal pet drop and if the chances of it being useful for the current moment, even better. Should they drop more often? they seem fairly rare even for a hardcore farmer (though i have heard of a large collection of eternal pets being done a few times) . I mean I like them rare but at the same time, drop more often would also be nice. Not too much more often of course and even then, legend pet craft usually better.

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I found one eternal imp pet, and the rest is history until now. Haha! Cant even have a legend pet.

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Completely agree! The low drop rate and factorial of 143 epic affixes plus 27 different pets… Haha. However, you must admit it’s awesome when one drops!! :four_leaf_clover:


That is comon sence, when i make a PvP build that have a Eternal item, i dont make it look OP you know, that why i have in every AI on my builds that make the hero suck and easy to kill, every that i get chest from arene,4 our 5 some times, per day, and i think " are they this bad that they die to a warrior just spam toss…?" becouse i can make last div on Eternal league to div1 in less tham 10 minut’s and i make build’s that is 10x more powerfull on my hand’s that they never going to understend “why is this guy in div1, is so easy to kill, well free mmr for me…” i dont like do make builds just to make a tuff AI and make things spicy in eternal league, i make builds for i have fun, of course that i have some builds that have realy tuff AI power, but those builds are never going to come aut for players to see it, just whem i play whid them if some lucky dude is playing and roll a match whid me will face them, i said lucky dude but is going to be very unlucky…, so what i whant to say since the beginning if i ever get a good eternal pet, like all the times that i get one i screen record it like from dose mithyc enslevers wen they drop, see what stats they have and if i going to make a build for PvP whid it, i send the clip to tdaniel our a mod in privit mesege and say “if some one say that i have a prety pet here it is salon of beauty”, is just how i wod doit do… Anyway i realise that i make a independence text know fellsCruzedmen:( kappa!

@ZOMBOY I have a nice eternal pet with 20 necrotic and trickster affix but a nicer legend crafted pet with 10 skullshield, necrotic, recall, reclaim, set affix and 75% luck. Yeah @Mr_Scooty it is nice when they drop. I’ve kept 2 and converted a really bad one

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yep. I have quite a few cool ones :slight_smile: . Also for purpose of fun niche builds, can be fun even if they are “bad” to some. One mans bad can be another mans treasure in some cases. I got lucky many times :slight_smile: .

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Is there a specific Drop floor for pets? What build are you using to farm pet? Can anyone share their build? :sleepy:

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I have a character slot that only holds pets. I have converted so many but still have over 100 pets. It’s hard to depart with them. I can’t imagine converting an Eternal one @dickwad :scream:


Oh @Mr_Scooty it was the most useless eternal pet ever. 20 to some talent I never use and lots of other useless stats lol. I had 3 eternals and now I’ve two :smiling_imp:

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@Eternal-Abyss check feats part of your codex. If you kill any enslaver on any floor it counts as one towards completing the kill enslaver feat. Kill enough you drop a legend pet. If you kill enslaver after floor 200 (I think ) eventually you get a legendary enslaver. Kill enough of them bad boys you get mythic enslaver. Kill it and you get an eternal pet

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Link below for more info on Enslaver feat.

Select top right corner of link above to see details of post.


Every time I’m due to drop a legend pet i finish the feat on mythic 3 500 +. Looking for merlin :cry:

I still do not have that critter either.

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I dropped a legend pet on the appropriate floor. Message came up legend pet drop. I checked my bags and an unidentified legend imp was there. So now I got really excited and I’d it… Useless imp :cry:

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What are the possibility of dropping an eternal pet with perfect affixes? Does Eternal pet really have a perfect affixes? I have one and only one eternal pet that has a perfect affixes.

I think there are 42 epic affixes that can randomly spawn on a pet. Then you have a choice of the legend affixes. Without doing the maths it would be like getting all six numbers on the lottery. Eg 1 chance in 14 million

Is there a specific floor for pet drops ? I mean floor ranges ? Its strange but I never had a legend pet dropped until I came on 270-280 floor. I mean maybe just luck, but 3 drops of Legend pet between those floors? i cant see if its luck or anything haha. I go on and never had the same drop again.

You can drop legend pets on floor 2 if you have monster boost. Tried it. Done it

yeah floor 2 is the easy way to find pets. but need boost