The basic reason why eternal pets are rubbish


If you want merlins imp it has to be mythic 3 500 plus


So what specific set can be used for this kind of hunt? Can anyone recom. a high luck ( or maximum ) set for this kind of farming? I’ll farm this ASAP. Cause Ive been waiting for too many days to get pet loots


nadroji bonus.+ it sets. with high luck.


@dickwad now you know only Merlin Imp has Legend affixes (Intelligence and Balance), and any Epic or Normal Affix can spawn on a pet, except for affixes that can only be on the weapons, like + 5000 WD, or Mana Reduce. and I haven’t seen Block on a pet yet, but I haven’t really been looking to see if that is true. but I think it can’t show up on a pet as it can only be rolled on OH weapon, or found on certain Warrior items from loot. just the Talents and Skills alone are 120 possible affixes on pets.



I got 2 of the eternal set. I find it easy with a warrior as a main or hireling. Seriously deadly sins drop like wildfire on mythic 500 or above with a warrior. Got the whole legend set, a few crystalline version and eternal in 5 hours. I still think the eternal set would be ace on a farming hireling. Congrats on the pet (not one ounce of jealousy here lol)


I got the whole set with my Wizard Farmer (Legend) except for Merlin. I just need to start working up to Floor 1k again so I can get all the Sets in the Codex. I have most of the Legend items, and about a third of the Eternal ones.


I see empty sockets. On weapon put an elixir. On the other a masters if you use any proc talents. It adds 13%.


I wonder if my first Eternal Pet will be an awesome find, to the point I can’t use it in the Arena because of Eternal Pet Jealousy Syndrome. :sunglasses: eventually I will go back to floor 400+ to get my Eternal Pet from the Enslaver Feat. just need 2 more Legend Enslavers.


@Golem its a good set once you get a feel for it. The regeneration affix I imagine is vital for farming. You can drop an eternal pet on floor 2 while monster boosted doing speed runs and luck etc. But I wouldn’t bother


I will probably try my own hand with the 7DS set. I kind of like to think outside the box and try stuff that others don’t think much about or is possible. just to feed my curiosity. :blush:


Anything percentage based is boosted like you told me @Golem. Post the results on our deadly sins thread :slight_smile:


well, you already did a build like that, so I want to try something different. I mean, I want to try a good idea too! :wink:


Good luck finding the imp. I’m currently raising every legend map to 500 plus mythic 3 when monster boosted :slight_smile:


may all your efforts be rewarded with a very good Merlin!


Any merlin is good but it’s very elusive lol. Hope I find it before dq2


Dropped my 4th eternal pet today @Golem , @CuzegSpiked, @ObiWanKenobi and @Mr_Scooty . I am now going to eat my own words because it’s actually a usefull pet for this rogue


Umm… you posted a pic of bow… o.0


It’s a video. The pet appears at the end @ObiWanKenobi :fearful:

#42 any better ?