The basic reason why eternal pets are rubbish


Ooo lol. Gotya


to bad it is level 61, but it’s usefulness can be used until you find that useful level 100 pet. congratz on finding a ‘cool’ pet. @dickwad


It levels up to 100 like any pet @Golem :slight_smile: It is level 90 now


wow x a lot! I thought Eternal Pets were stuck at their level. glad to know this if I find a good Eternal Pet.

Edit: I just saw the Thread Title, and then looked at your previous post, and realized that Eternal Pets are a little bit less rubbish. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Golem you can drop eternal pets on floor 2 if monster boost is active and you do speed runs on floor two with eternalized affix etc


I don’t pay for the boosts, but I could do a speed run on 400-410 with a good Eternalized Build. that would be the best I could do for an Eternal Pet Run. just got a Hell Slime (Legend-Red, Demonic) yesterday, and am thinking of a build with that. losing an affix slot for the Set affix is driving me crazy, but Demonic is such a good Set to have, it should be worth it.


I do boosts by advert or by feats/rewards from mail but not pay for em and yep you can. Nadroji set seems to help out a bit for pet finding too (even without bonus).


ahh, well, I do the Feats Boost Rewards when I get them, but 5 minutes goes by fast, and it has been awhile since I did any Advertising Boosts. I liked the Nadroji Bonus originally because it helped boost Experience gains a little, and it also improved getting the Monster Feats faster, and now I have it as part of my Farming Build for improved Loot Drops. it is a kind of Hybrid Build. I will eventually have 3 different head items. 1 each of Eternalized, Mythic, and Crystaline (have this one now). when I am done getting my first PVP character to level 99, going to farm level 400ish for that last Feat for Enslavers for Eternal Pets, hoping to get my first one. hope it isn’t Rubbish. :laughing:


also I stopped doing em since 30 seconds is a long time in my perspective in terms of ads for farming. The only boost I do is the feat boosts now or the mail boosts given from holiday special like christmas. Yep, time flys by quick when you have fun and even more so with a fast farm build (although being fast also feels like slowing time down).


My pet is leveling nicely


I was lucky to find this for my rogues build . The only tweak required was changing the weapon elements to ice so that the pet and rogues build complemented each other. Literally it took seconds to create harmony. My rogues sexy deadly sins set is also now ice based


Dropped 4 legend pets and my 6th eternal pet on floor two today. Sorry @Golem :cry:



Going to level it then get the mythic where all resists match highest resists and then allocate the pet to a character


is that going to be a Warrior’s Pet Eternal Heaven Slime?


I may have to delete a character slot and and add another warrior


instead of making another Warrior slot, just make another set of Warrior Gear built around the Slime. that Elemental Resist should get to 550+, and with that match resists Mythic, make a good PVP build. good for the damage reduction.


Cheers @Golem . You have saved me the hassle of levelling up another character. I have 2 rogues without the basic hero points in strength , dexterity and intelligence trying to pvp. I have enough levelling to do lol


I know. I am trying to give myself a pep talk to get the courage to make a Farm/Ascending Main and Ascending/Farm Hireling Builds. the focus is going to be 850% Luck and Gold Find, 300% Drop Rate, and 200% Experience. my Main is done Ascending, so my Hireling takes a noticeable hit on Experience from level 50+. the hard part is that the Hirelings Gear is going to be Level 1 all the way through Ascending, with only Myth Stones, except for the Pet. that way the Gear can be used by the other Toons when I Ascend them (4 more to go :cry:) and I don’t have to make new Gears for everyone.


I suggest 2 × eternalized ( if looking for a pet or 1 x christaline 1 x eternalized for anything else). 2 × nadroji (including set bonus ). 1 x ephinany. Enough luck to get to 1112 % on any difficulty. You need a fast movement skill eg teleport. Don’t ascend floors . Look for easy very rapidly monster kills up to legend 500.