The Further adventures of Wildwood and May Hemm


It’s more than just a game. IT’S a videography. :sunglasses:


Wildwood, a sassy broad that likes to take chances.

May Hemm, fast, relaxed but deadly.

More on the specifics, later.


I have been working on the vid feeds, trying to record longer time frames within the filesize limitation. Any suggestions for Android User, greatly appreciated. Lets give it a try…

A little spelunking episode with Wildwood


An early Arena for Wildwood. Notice how the bomb is implemented. The smokebomb, creates, an auromatic dodge for the next attack. Just imagine the possibilities.


May Hemm, surrounded by monsters on lvl 114 m3, whatya do? Just keep pulling that trigger!!


One evening, while sitting around at the Inn having an ale. May says to Wild; “let"s do a Tag Team some time?” Wild looks at May with a twinkle in her eye and says to May; “How about right now?” May, shrugs as she takes a swig of ale and says; “lets, go…”

Afterwards, May turns to Wild and says; “let’s do that again some time”. Wild chides in; “maybe next time, in the Arena.”
May replies; “Yeah, could be cool!”


:blush::blush::blush: this made me think that dungeon quest should have actual “QUESTS” in it and also great storylines like this one :grinning:


Do these videos even work? It doesn’t say YouTube? I tried clicking and it didn’t work.

Edit: nvm they work. It doesn’t seem like YouTube though and no thumbnail showing up.


Its because they are nor YouTube. I edited them, and uploaded them direct. MP4 format. Plays just fine in my firefox


I couldn’t upload MP4 directly on forums because I tried before and it said ‘error’ but maybe the forum has changed alot. But that’s kind of a good thing because I have an idea of what to do on YouTube.


It’s a file size limitation. Under 9 mb’s. I used az recorder to reduce the number of frames per second, lower the resolution and mbps rate. I was able by doing so to get a 30s clip for upload. It can get smaller size file, and more time depending on the settings.


Oh ok.


Back at the Inn, Wild and May are having a few tankards of ale between them. Talking of their latest exploits. All the sudden, Wild gets real quiet then says; “Do you think there is a God? Are we just puppets on a string for somebody else’s entertainment?”
May replies; “You wanna know what I think? I think you need to lighten up, and get back out in the Arena. I have been watching you. You are pretty good at it, I suck at it. That’s what I think. God’s sheesh, go kick some butt…” Wild quietly replies; “yeah, maybe so!” She then downs the rest of her ale, and heads for the door to the Arena.


Deym. Wildhood and Mayhemm are still young for arena. They are still kids :slight_smile: But i will follow the adventures of these young guns.




On the way to the Dungeon lvl 120M3, May turn’s her head towards Wild, and exclaims; “We need about a Billion gold. Our Stash boxes are full of Items to convert to Crystals, and we can’t raise enough Gold between us by simply Dungeon Crawling.” Wild replies; “Just be patient, fortune smiles on us when we need it most. Even if we had a Billion Gold, we would just spend it. Remember the last Billion Gold we had?” May laughs and says. “Yeah, it went quick, didn’t it!” They smile at each other, a glint in their eyes as they opened the door to the Dungeon.


May; “Hey, Wild! Snap out of it, I finished off Ignis. We can go to the next level, now!!” Wild coming around exclaims; “Whew, what happened? I musta blacked out or something. I felt like I was dead!” May replies; “Well you looked about Dead, you crazy lady, you shouldn’t take so many chances like you do! …so what did it feel like, I mean being dead and all?” Wild looks around, shakes her head and says; “I dunno, just kind of empty, like a reset or something.” May gives Wild a hand up and says; “Let’s take a break and get an ale, yer looking pale. Hahh, that rhymed.” Wild smirks back, “Very funny, let’s just go I’m sooo done here…”


Wild and May, after a hard day on lvl120M3 of the Dungeon are sitting in the Inn having an ale or two discussing their next strategies when May says to Wild; “I heard of this wizard, coming up through the ranks. Supposed to be pretty good, he’s down on floor 44.” Wild rebukes and says; “Are you kidding me? We have enough hungry mouths to feed already!! We would have to split the loot three ways!” May chides in, “Yeah, but I’m just thinking of options. He could come in handy, I heard he has summoning, and twister” Wild still skeptical says; “Heck with the right item, and Crystals, I could Summon. Are you sweet on him or something?” May disdainly says; “Heck No! I’m just thinking of options. Besides he’s too old for me, and has a hairy face. You know I don’t like men with beards!” Wild finishes by saying; “Well let’s see what happens when he gets to floor 50, IF he gets to floor 50. Maybe we can trade a few of our Legend Items for some of his Crystals and Gold…”


May all excited exclaims; “Holy crap, 100 million gold simply fell into our laps.” Wild replies, “I told you, just be patient and fortune will smile on us.” May starring off into the distance, says; “Yeah, I guess you were right about that. Say… …what are you going to do with your share?” Wild feeling a bit put off, replies; ““What do you mean, MY SHARE. I thought we were a team. Share and share alike. I’m not here just for your good looks!” May feeling sorry says; “Yeah, true enough. But what are WE going to do with it?” Wild replies; first we need to clear out our stash boxes and convert to Crystals anything unused or obsolete. Then upgrade our equipment.” May, still starring off in the distance as if counting the endless possibilities in her head comes back with; “Hey, Wild! What do you think about Quickstrike as an option, with the right affixes it might make these pistols obsolete.” Wild finishes the conversation by adding; “Well give it a try, knowing you, you won’t be satisfied until you do!”
May nods as they walk off into the distance…


What even :anguished: