The Further adventures of Wildwood and May Hemm


Even what? What do you mean? It’s just a story line for the vid feeds. Last I checked, it’s called “entertainment”. Stick around if you like. L8r maybe…


Oh, right.


Lol. I like this thread since you don’t see this everyday. I mean DQ with a story can be more exciting sometimes and I do remember having a story suggestion, though outdated and not that good a story since I suck at stories.

Gotta love this as entertainment.


Lets stick with these two charcters until they reached the eternal league. I wonder what will be the nxt story of events…


Coming out of lvl 121L Wild exclaims out loud; “Wow! Did you see that? That was freaking awesome, we mopped the floor with them critters. Our new Proc’s are doing GREAT!” May replies; “Yeah, too bad it was only Legend.” Wild chides in; “You want to get to lvl 200 don’t you? There is bound to be better items the deeper we go!” May sheepishly says; “Yeah, I suppose so.” Wild retorts; “Well let’s go… …onward and downward!” As they open the portal to lvl 122L


Editor’s notes: All video recording was done with AZ Recorder, all video editing was done with Total Video Editor, all photo editing was done with Pixlr, all text overlay of photo’s was done with PixelLab, the Gallery app is Gallery KK, Storyline drafts was done with ColorNote and the file manager is FX File Explorer. The game is Dungeon Quest. The Android Device a Galaxy Luna. The storyline and editing done by yours truly. :sunglasses:


Current affixes for May and Wild as they dungeon DEEPER!!

Stay tuned, as Wild and May tagteam in the Arena… :grinning:


Wild off to the side; "That ring I have, sheesh! Where do you get that many Proc’s in ONE item. It’s a classic. Sshhh, don’t tell May, but I might give it to her as Present.

Truth is, I converted it from wizard and built it up as time went by."


Lmao! XD


May exclaims coming back from lvl 142L; “That was awesome, you are getting better and better all the time Wild.” Wild replies; “You are too, May” May quietly says; “Thank you for that ring you gave me, it has upped my game a lot.” Wild replies; “No problem, we are a team. Share and share alike.” May says; “Have you noticed something piculier? We get better gear when we work separately rather than together.” Wild replies; “Yeah, must be a computer glitch or a fault in programming.” May questioning asks; “What’s a computer glitch?” Wild replies; “Hell if I know, it’s just something that came to mind.” May retorts; “Wild, you say some of the wildest things some times.” Wild replies; I guess that’s why they call me Wild!" May saying quietly; “Maybe so!” As they walk off into the sunset making ready for their next exploits…

Important thing about build that can kill anything even immortal

DQ should have a story line like this lmao! Hahahaha


Haha lol.


They can’t have a storyline like this. Simply because Art and Money don’t mix. They are happy to get my content for free, but the minute they have to pay for it, all the sudden they want it submitted and edited for content. And yes, “writing” is an art! Euphemisms like “hell”, or any mention of faulty programming would be edited OUT! Truth is, thst’s half the entertainment value shot all to hell. Ooops did I say “hell”? So sorry… …cheers!


Lol, what people consider Art these days is soooo watered down. Michelangelo’s “David” now THAT was Art. But todays censorship wants nothing of it. Everything has to be submitted and approved by an act of Congress. Lol…


I see. YouTube is screwed over too full of too much censorship. Everything is becoming way too censored , even the Internet. I don’t like censorship of course.


I hardly think so hehehe if the makers would consider it why not right? I wouldn’t as far as “they can’t” as there are many many things to consider other than not wanting to pay money for that you know… BTW your stories are seriously hilarious lmao! XD love to see more, its like reading mangga (which I love xD) hehe


I know the feels xD


The problem with censorship is that once it starts, it never stops and it’s like an addictive drug in this case. The more you do it , the more it will be done and the more addicted some people will become to it.

Also it can actually make people less intelligent and some are still gonna access the censored stuff but they will have to do extreme measures which can make the drug censorship intensify.


Let’s just say it wouldn’t have the same content. They could do something, but it would be watered down, and probably purely graphical. Like Boom Beach ads. Which does have a certain amount of entertainment value.


See they already employ a bunch of graphical artists, a team of writers with an editor is the only thing missing. Which of course costs money. Have you seen any NEW Boom Beach ads wirh a storyline. Yeah, I haven’t either.