The Further adventures of Wildwood and May Hemm


Oh ok. More marketing would be great too but that depends. I should play games like Diablo 2 for example to really feel the similarities and maybe a new idea could pop up to add to game?

This game is quite good though but there’s always something to be suggested.


May exclaims coming out of lvl 158L; “What the hell was that? I could barely see you with all the dust, debris, smoke, bullets, and arrows.” Wild replies; “Yeah impressive, wasn’t it.” May rebukes by saying; “Impressive was not the word that came to my mind. More like chaos!” Wild exclaims: “What else to expect when you put Wildwood and May Hemm together over 150 floors deep.” They both grin deeply. May nods and says; “Where did you get that army from? I thought for a moment I saw five of you, and three others!!!” Wild casually replies; “As I said previously, you don’t need a wizard just to summon. The rest is simply mirrors. It can make for a formidable force in any dungeon, and a great distraction from getting hit.” May grins and says so what’s next?" Wild looking down at the ground quietly says; “You saw the chaos, we could hardly see what we were fighting or which was which.” Then looking back at May, Wild says; “We need to go solo in the Dungeon for the most part. Share our exploits at the Inn and consider how we might tag team in the Arena.” May chides in; “Yeah, our first couple tries at tag team in the Arena didn’t go so well. There are no amateurs tag teaming in the Arena, they are all seasoned vets.” Wild suggests; “All the more reason why we need to hone our skills and fighting styles. But I’ll be watching you, so do your best.” May replies; “ditto… …so I guess I’ll see ya around.” Wild replies; “Sooner if not later I’ll meet you back at the Inn.” As they wave goodbye and part their separate ways…


Wild’ current main hand and iff hand weapons.


Both weapons were converted over from wizard. More details including vid, soon!


Jasper ftw.


This hero build system is very versatile. You just need the right item builds.


Take a look at these items and their build.


The Mirror Images look cool but cause too much laggy, and even with 4 Image,the fire-power not that huge…


Yes, I agree. The mirror images do look cool, and your experience is the same as mine about the firepower. I have both the “unreal collar” and the “narodji” amulet. They both take the same posirion in the inventory. I’m more inclined to go with the latter.

As far as secondary weapon skulls. I noticed that you can’t build up the skill of anything imported from another class. Kinda sad, really. Cause spells like storm or shattee could be really useful deoending on your strategy in or out of the Arena. One thing that I have found instrumental to survival both in and out of the Arena. Is the ability to get in close, or get out quick as necessary. Very few spells allow for that. Thanks for your intrest.


I still think the weapon spell “quickstrike” has potential. But as weapons go the Dagger stinks, you would have to either have a better Dagger than those currently found in Legend, or port the spell skill “blinkstrike” over to another weapon. The latter Idea I am currently testing.


Blinkstrike good for OHKO build, but u can’t “get out” since BS only give u ability to approach enemy asap. For mobility, using Vault with many procs maybe better :slight_smile:


missed this post while I was out of town, loved the vids!


Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that. Turns out Shatter is a better OH for the purpose. May Hemm is currently experimenting with using Blinkstrike to leap into trouble and Shatter to leap out of it. I don’t like Blinkstrike as a proc. It can be dangerous when random.


How many of you noobs know that if you salvage your legend items, you can always repurchase them from the codex with salvage points. Also Epic items gives the same crystal conversion chance as does Legendary. So salvage your legend items, and convert your Epic, don’t waste your Legend items just for crystals. Your gold will stretch farther that way too, as salvaging is cheaper than converting.


Yeah. It doesn’t take much to figure this out :smile: and once it’s figured out, it’s extremely useful. Flashbacks to before dust existed and before crystal farming was as easy as today.


Wow, did not know epic items converted the exact same as legend. I’ve been wasting gold for a bit. Any other good tidbits like this for us noobs?


@Wildwood_Rose thank you, this is by far the best thread in the whole forum :innocent: keep going, it is a great adventure!

Truly inspiring :blush:!


No, I mean using Vault to blink, not using Blinkstrike proc but other procs. Combine with Maelstrom Set, Mayhem Set and Indentity/Mythic , maybe good :smile:


Everyone is a noob at some point. I’m still a noob about many things.


Yep, I have been looking into using vault. Everybody was suggesting using the vial instead of the bomb. I dunno, I’m still trying to get the best combination. Somebody else was suggesting crushing flames, which is a very powerful weapon choice. Especially when combined with permafrost set, and blistering with imolate. A lot of choices. I’m still converting some stuff over from wizard and warrior to see what I come up with. The warrior’s OH Shield becomes a bomb. And the Wizards Tome becomes a Vial. Some items probably a waste of time converting, like the Warrior’s Hatchet which becomes a mirror.