The Further adventures of Wildwood and May Hemm


Yeah. YouTube especially too.


Honestly, I just want to be able to pay the bills with something I love doing. Lol…


Lol. Yeah I agree with you. Even now after thinking about doing an IT Technician job, I feel more excited to do an It job to pay the bills and hopefully use those skills wherever possible to save lives and make lives easier.

Also I chose IT Technician because I find that those skills could make it easier to build a gaming pc or help others do so and generally​ fix problems most cannot fix. It’s a huge learning experience and I’m up for it.

Meanwhile I just want to do whatever. Get everything I want and do everything that comes to mind. Paying the bills is definitely important though but after that step, do whatever you do and showcase your talent whenever you can as well as the knowledge you have.


Stop and smell the roses. Lifes too short otherwise… :sunglasses:


Lol. Also , always try to enjoy life no matter what. Do not ever try to think pessimistically no matter what! If there’s a problem in life, try your best to remove that problem so your happiness is there.

If there’s something you want to do, just do it! Generally if you do something or attempt to do it, things work out best and failures are just a means to increase the chance of success. Without failure, there’s no criticism and no thinking under pressure for the best ideas. Entrepreneurs in a nutshell.

Save as much money as possible but also don’t sacrifice some things that help you live the good life so you can do whatever you can think of with the money later on. Having a huge pot of saved money from 15-25 or whatever the Be will really help later in life, whether it’s pensions , starting a business , etc.


Yes, YouTube amongst other social media. I’m a writer first and foremost. Graphics to me, helps to tell the story, but doesn’t replace it.


Yeah. Another thing is that generally you should go with your initial gut instinct as usually it’s correct. Gut instinct is what saved the world from nuclear apocalypse in the cold war . Also ,try to learn as much as possible from life and it doesn’t have to be in one field . Expand your horizons and opportunities.


May is in the Tavern enjoying an ale wondering which is better, the pistols or the chakram. Mumbling to herself; “If only I could find a decent dagger.” Wild enters into the Tavern. May sees her, and motions Wild over, and tells the barmaid; “An ale for my friend here.” As Wild walks over to the table. May quickly asks; “Which weapon is better, the pistols, or the chakram?” Wild after taking a deep breath and blowing it out says; “Here, take a look at this puppy.”

Putting her bow upon the table and explaining; “Its an Eternal converted over from a wizards gauntlet. It fires an incredible number of arrows per second, and does a hell of a lot of damage. The critters literally melt like a hot knife cutting through butter in its wake.” Wild pauses and continues by saying; “Strange though, because the amount of damage done was 2 times as much as a gauntlet than it is as a bow.” May exclaims; “Maybe I aught to get one. None of these rogue weapons seem to be worth much. It’s almost as if this dungeon is rigged for the benefit of wizards” Wild laughs and says; “My thoughts exactly.” Then adds; “I may be moving on soon, maybe check back later to see if things have improved.” May just stares in her cup of ale, not saying a word… …Wild breaks the silence, grinning ear to ear and replies as if reading Mays mind; “Ya know, if Shatter and Meteor worked as skills for rogues like it does for wizards, you wouldn’t need a powerful dagger. Simply blink or vault in, lower the bomb then Shatter out, repeat as necessary. Boy that’ll be the day.” May grins and chides in; “Yeah, that’ll be the day.” They both toast their ales and drink up, grinning ear to ear… …May shifts in her seat appearing very somber still staring into her ale looks up and says; “What if I farm, and you prosper.” Wild looking a bit surprised says; “You would do that for me? I mean I would never ask that of you.” May exclaims; “Share and share alike. Besides I like going for the gold, and you seem fit to challenge the Arena, and critters alike.” May continues by saying, “We are a team, you said so!”

Wild replies; “So I did, so let it be.” They both toast…


The Legend of Brontes Eternal.

There was once upon a time a Rogue by the name of Wildwood. She loved dungeon crawling, finding old things, and giving them a new purpose. A bit of a magician, alchemist and rogue all rolled into one she was.

She came upon a ring, by trading or dungeon crawling is not clear. The historic name for the Legendary is Brontes, which in old tongue means King. She took a liking to it right away.

She began wearing it, and polishing it. Adding this crystal and then the next. Even creating an open socket within it when she collected a grand mythstone to crown it with. Almost as if the mythstone she found was designed for it. To this day, the ring is an eternal blessing to all dungeon crawlers who wear it. So mote it be…


Wild, goes Wild with her new bow.


May Hemm’s Diary

Day 1, week 3, year 1

Wild has been gone for several weeks now. To what parts nobody really knows. How I do miss her company. I look forward to the day she returns. She has been a good friend, and is sorely missed.

The Wizard I met previously has made it to level 50. He seems to be doing well for himself. Emrick the Thule I believe he calls himself. He wears a Gauntlet, and carries a Great Book laced with fine silver and gold. I have traded him a few of our trinkets in exchange for a few of his own. Much to my surprise, the Orb he traded to me converted to a fine Bomb. I added it to our (Wild and my) arsenal. What to do with it only time will tell.

I also met a Warrior. When I first met him, he was cursing the heavens. When I asked him what was wrong! He said; “The Gods have cursed all Warriors in these realms. Nothing in this place is sharp enough to skin a rat with, much less slit my own throat, or kill a toad.” I started to say, well maybe you should be a Rogue, but thought twice about it and declined from saying as much. I instead offered him an Ale at the Inn. He said “Thanks, but no thanks.” and wandered off muttering to himself.

Wild and I, still only level 200 plus with several thousand maps to go. We seem more like old timers here, compared to these young pups just starting out. Wild loved a good challenge. Maybe thats why she moved on. Me? I just like farming the dungeons for Crystals, Mythstones and Gold. Fame is not my objective. I seek Fortune. I have all the luck and fortune of the God’s to make it so. I also have Wilds Bow. I may not make it to map 2000 anytime soon and I may need a warehouse for all my Treasure and Gold before doing so! :smile:



May Hemm’s Diary

Day 4, week 4, year 1

I was sitting in the Inn when the Warrior I met in passing walked up to me and said; “My apologies for my poor manners, and haste previously. I am not usually like that. Let me formally introduce myself I am Gaelid of Iesenthorph.” He went on further to thank me for the gift I had given him. I worked all night on it based upon what Wild had taught me about Alchemy. I procured a Golex Gauntlet from Emrick the Thule and went to work on it. It turned out to be a fine Axe, many times its worth. Sharp as a cleaver and fast as lightening in combat. In fact so fast as Gaelid explained to me that he later changed the secondary skill to something more helpful and appropriate, Storm an Area effect weapon. In exchange he gave me a legendary lance that he had found. “Oh my.” I exclaimed, not quite sure what to do with it. He then offered me an Ale and we drank till morning telling our tales. The thought crossed my mind young and clean shaven. Oh my! The words I had told Wild come back to haunt me to this day. Hmmmm





May Hemm’s diary

Day 7, Week 4, Year 1

I have an abundance of Crystals much thanks to my trading. So I decided to tweak the Wild’s Brontes (King) ring that Wild had initially given me. I replaced the Epic affixs with other Legendary procs. The results have been extraordinary. No other proc item or affix is necessary. Maybe someday it will go from Legendary to Eternal. Wild’s Ring of Sorcery. A tale of complete Alchemy.



A picture of Emrick


A picture of Gaelid


I’m going to start two new msg threads. One called “Wildwood’s Alchemy” the other called “May Hemm’s Diary”. Both will be narrated by May Hemm. The first will be all about Crystals, Affixes and converting items to and from other classes. The second will read much like this one with a couple of changes. I will use YouTube for my vid links. The gods of DQ seem happier that way. This thread ends here now! Wildwood has gone on to better places. Blessed be…


That’s awesome!


YouTube menu system is stupid as sh**! I’ll let ya’ll know as soon as I have a channel going for my online vid content. Might be awhile…

They simply going through changes like everyone else for security reasons. Like I said, might be awhile…