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If you have 10 Lacerate then it gives 30% bleed damage. However in arena that +10 will become 2/3 and that means 80% of 30% Bleed dmg.


3 strength. Hyper armour is not really worth the small value % for one slot as there are much better choices of course.


Thanks. I’m horrible at math so it’s great that people like you are happy to flex those brain cells to help out. 7% damage mitigation sounds pretty awesome in a vacuum but It sounds like when you plug it into yhthe damage mitigation equation it doesn’t pan out.


Yup. Exactly that!


Yep I really tried making hyper armor effective for numerous builds. Just a’int worth the schlep for something that’ll only be giving you half of what you could achieve by another means.

BTW. Naroji Bonuses for the win. I noticed a serious change in loots, epic - mythic enemies. Added the fact I have eternalize and crystalline equipped too. Surprisingly coping with all these farm beefers on M3 around floor 800 although I initially only aimed to repeat from 501 - 599 over and over again, I got carried away. :joy: @Mr_Scooty thanks for the bit of info you shared, perfect timing with what I was busy with. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Glad to help. :+1:


Any reason why my hirelings CF’s bonus won’t activate despite having three equipped?

Just managed to give it some semblance of a build but it won’t work, no matter how many I have equipped. :neutral_face:

This is for PvP. It works fine in PvE.


@CupidStunts Please read the second paragraph where I discuss 2v2 and hireling.


Thanks for highlighting it for me. Gotz tha’ info yo’ :japanese_ogre:


So I have to ask. @MeRk

How long did it take you to replicate your warrior’s builds ? And the CV amulet…?

What are the odds of getting the same roll for your convenience ? Or did you purposely keep crafting it till you got the crystal affix?

Because this seems highly suspect and I ain’t referring to the rock band. :joy:

or just phenomenal, gut-wrenching and heart imploding luck which can’t find its way to me. :cry:


Took a week to make the second set. It is extremely easy to get the same rolls. Max quality and level and then just spam crystals. The crystal affixes are not the same, just the other affixes. This allows me to test how the build does with more resist, armor, luck, etc.

And it looks like you didn’t know but once you unlock an eternal item, you can craft it again all you want for a little dust

And to take you under the hood, here is me prepping another build. I get the base items ready and then obsidian slowly over time. Once I get the crystal affixes I want I do start crafting everything else.

Here is an old guide but still mostly useful for crafting


So that means yes, you kept recrafting it till you got the crystal affix.

Lol. Seems like a bizzare waste of dust depending on how many attempts it took. But N1.


Roughly 5% chance of a crystal affix on an eternal for me. So around 2300 dust or so. What else would I use dust for?


I guess the multiple uses that it has?

Seems like a good place to start. :joy::joy:

I spent about 3k dust, at least, before I got my first crystal eternal. Wurfit doe.


Meanwhile I was lucky and got a crystal eternal on the first 3 trys and sometimes even 1 try. Although I remember being super unlucky as well.


I always use 2 crystalline set and nadrojis when trying to have a crystal eternal through dust conversion.


Ok . I guess that’s a good choice on your part. I mean crystalline does affect the chance of eternal from dust crafting to have crystal affix as it will count as a dropped item so you can increase those chances. Also even with crystalline, you can get very unlucky with some eternals but still have higher chance than without crystalline it seems. Of course I could be wrong or you but right now, it does seem crystalline affects codex crafted eternals. It does also affect normal legends.


It really does affect mate but it’s not guaranteed 100% all the time. It’s like equipping eternalized(7) when reaching the legend pet drop feat.




And funny enough I got my first and only eternal pet with zero points in fortune and zero farm build equipped. Apart from capped luck along side Fauns Gifts for the resist\dmg benefit for my wizard with capped Astral Talent, that is.

And from a random Enslaver, far before the Feat.

But trust me to get magic or rare pets on legend and eternal maps with full farm builds and eternal legend find-rate pushed to the limit. Nearly every time. LOL.

Yep. This seems legit. :joy: but if it’s anything like my luck in every other RPG that I’ve played… When I eventually get that unbelievably lucky drop… It will be one that’ll soil your underwear.

This the case with anyone else? :joy: