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Yes it is really unpredictable. The only thing that it cant be guaranteed 100% is because of the game’s limited allocation stats. Let’s say u are able to reach 10000% eternalized drop then at the time the legend pet drop feat finishes u will have guranteed eternal petbas i suppose. But it is impossible to reach that kind of drop%. Only devs can do that.

There is one case that i was able to get eternal pet from a normal enslaver. No feats completed just pure luck. The best thing to acquire eternal pet is through mythic enslaver and the other one is through equipping max epiphany and eternalized set while using eternal map. That’s for sure will give u higher chance of getting it. Thts the trick that i use try it for yourself. I am almost near completing all the eternal slime pets. The only thing that i dont have is the arcane one. The cute little pink slime :grimacing:


Plagued bloodmajic? I use a hammer with whirlwind and cyclone. Pull with taunt and ww cyc the mobs. 372 and climbing again.


Hello. I am planning to make a fire and ice build. Frozen and crushing flames set affix. Can you apply two elemental critical to an enemy? Like if it’s frozen already(encased in ice) then immolated afterwards, will it explode? Same thing with shock and fire. Thank you.


Yes. Actually you can from my experience.


while using ice and fire combo when the monster is in frozen (freeze) in 3 sec at the same time its immolate in frozen encased status it makes the explosion more powerful.


About Ignore Resist is it helpful in PVP or should I use Weaken?


Ignore resist is useless in pvp while weaken is not advisable.


Why is that? I thought that using Ignore Resist will Ignore all of their resistant. So the damage will only be calculated on your Armor.


Ignore resist applies only to mobs/monsters. While weaken reduces resists of the enemy (players and monsters) :slight_smile:


Well technically weaken reduces the enemy damage Reduction and enemy resist isn’t the same as player resist. 25% resist for enemies means entirely 25% damage Reduction to that specific element and with higher resist, that 25% can be reduced to possibly even -% values or so.
Although greatly resist on enemies means reduce all your damage of that element by 75% so the enemy has 75% damage Reduction to that element .

Whenever you have the enemy reduce your damage, it multiplies if you have a Frozen build or poison build because the nominal 1 gets reduced and that basically has a cumulative reduction if your attacks multiply.

Immune enemies make your damage to something like 0 but with weaken 100% , the immune can be nullified . Basic almost 100% damage Reduction to that specific element.

Player resist works differently though since it really uses resist formula but it is dependant on level and enemy level but weaken can work on players indeed as tested. 40% weaken is the cap in PvP but players won’t really have enough resist to justify weaken in arena and most damage Reduction comes from AR and sets. Although I do remember when players had so much resist (before they know much about other forms of damage Reduction) that weaken definitely helped but it’s no longer the case.

I mean maybe enemies do actually use the resist formula but as they get higher in level, they get exponentially higher resists but I doubt that since they always have a set damage Reduction to their element.

For example, greatly resist always reduces your damage to only be 25% as powerful to enemies and 75% of it has been reduced . If you attack an enemy with a weakness element , you always gained 25% damage and the enemy lost their 25% damage Reduction .
Weaken makes it so the enemies cant even reduce your element damage given enough of it but it has a % chance of activation like with players. That’s why weaken isn’t best on players since it doesn’t activate 100% but for enemies, you can get that high of a number.

My hypothesis: if enemy has 25% Reduction of damage to the element they are strongest in and you have 100% weaken.

25%×(-100% weaken)= -25% damage Reduction to the element or no Reduction and instead they suffer 25% more damage . If greatly resist happened, they’d end up adding even more damage for you instead of reducing with weaken . Or it could be -125% if it was additive but either way, having high enough weaken nullifies enemy defenses of resists and makes immunes useless. It’s also possible that effective is less useful with higher weaken since they reduce less damage so the damage gains are negligible.

I have seen Midlumer weaken Vs ignore resist guide though and it is accurate , if negative enemy resists exist and they probably do.


How many times can i ascend?


6 per character. From magic ascension to Eternal.


Frozen+Plagued can be done? What set affixes can go well with those combo.


where should i spend my stat points? Im a warrior btw. Im just confuse here cause some warriors spend all their stat points in health some in power. Im still farming btw. Hahaha


Power. Power for all classes for PvP and for PvE, power too. Yes you could add HP stat point like in PvP sometimes but as you get higher in floor , HP becomes useless or it takes too much slots just to tank some hits.


HP, cause full power in arena won’t make you char far better


Unless it’s my build where all the damage is necessary but still tanky but yeah, generally agreed that HP stat point is a must in arena.


Nice info but there is a side down on that the dmg/dps won’t be a high. But if a warrior put 1 point on power for every 3 points on health could become a tank and yet do some real dmg in the PvP and PvE.


Wooah! Thanks hahaha guess inshould just do some experiments hahahha


Good luck. Experiments make a great player and scientist or anything tbh.