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The thing is : @okbabekyubj remove one 15% MS affix and his damage drop quite a lot, 16% as I notice. However, Momentum give % damage equal half of MS % bonus…


100% MS + Momentum (5)+ Adventurer (5) just means 50% DMG Increase from momentum and 37.5% increase from Adventurer . Please note that the Adventurer helped reach the 100% MS but still adds extra DMG . Achieve that 100% MS any way you like.

I did it by doing the following: Coat having 25% MS+ 30 hero point for another 30% MS + adventurer + Stealth and hero point. It goes a bit over 100% but we reach that high damage and even without stealth, 87.5% MS for 43.75% DMG at momentum (5) and you still get 37.5% DMG from Adventurer (5) so that means 1.4375×1.375= ×1.9765625 (or 97% increased DMG!) .

That means if your skill did 1B damage , 1 billion ×1.5×1.375 = 2.06B damage.

1.5×1.375= ×2.06 so you increase your DMG by 106%!

That’s not all though but that’s how potent Adventurer+ Momentum can be. If it was old momentum , it would actually be 2×1.375= 2.75 or 175% increased DMG! However even with the momentum we have now, adventurer is still OP when using momentum after you collect gold.


Are stat affixes automatically hidden after joining eternal league?


ahh, since my master @marwinberna is here, all credit go to him because my build is his Running man build, so I’ll show my build here to have a better look about the thing .

this is before all the buff

this is after

thanks sir @marwinberna again for the awesome build :heart_eyes:


Its not good to address me like that. Hahaha. But anyways, Thank you very much. :blush:


Change HP to full Power remove ED and Crit DMG change it to 2x Glasscannon. And see your DMG change dramatically.


If you can tweak it again change HP hit to something valueble. Weaken is better, then remove Ignore Resist remove MH weapon DMG + and Weapon % change it to Elemental Critical, add some procs. Twister or Storm. Then add Stealth proc for surivival.

Change Equality to Adventurer.

After you change it, I guess you already have 1B Whirlwind DMG but Earthshatter is better due to Critical DMG of the skill .

Taunt + Earthshatter + Toxic = Wipe out.


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message received loud and clear…:smiley:


What is the max luck in pvp? If I use 6x luck natures and 2x max crystal affixes can I still use a third obsidian before I hit the cap?



You can use a third obsidian.




How important is +all set in the arena?

Is there a way to have a build for PvP that has no +all set without having multiple items of the same set equipped? Or at least not all item slots, with a few exceptions for whichever build you’re working for?

I’d just like to know if anyone has made a build this way and still managed to compete in eternal div.1 as equally as one would with +all set.


I think I’ve seen some players compete in eternal league without + set bonus or just having +1 set bonus. And they are very powerful indeed. I think I saw one with CV amulet that still has about 100k hp or more (I forgot but I’m sure he’s got a CV amulet)

IMO placing set bonuses depends if you rely on your set affixes to power up your build. Some builds don’t rely much on set bonus because the affixes they place are much better than having a set bonus.

But I still think set bonuses are very important in pvp.


Hmm. I suppose you’re right, depends on what the person intends to build. I guess I should’ve used an example, or will if I need anymore clarity on it. Thanks tho’

I have a build in mind, except I’ll have three Fauns gifts equipped for the set effect.

I’m actually struggling to NOT use Fauns gifts. Luckily I have the pet to make item changes easier. But really, every build I have all seems to rotate around fauns and any build I make without it just doesn’t match up. :joy: @CuzegSpiked has broken my item crafting “skills” :grin:


Well what ever it is if you are struggling ask the pros in here they will be able to help I’m sure of it.


In arena, how are plus skills and class traits scaled? For example:

If I have plus 10 lacerate, after it is scaled down to +2 lacerate in arena does the affect get scaled down further? Lacerate trait on head pieces give 30% at 20 points. Doesn’t lacerate get scaled down for arena at 20 points as well? Meaning if I had 20 points in lacerate do I get 30% bleed damage bonus or is it scaled down to like 8% damage bonus?


What’s better in arena, hyper armor (7% damage reduction) or 3 strength (1500 AR and 3% hour)?

Lets assume I already have 3x AR crystal affixes and am always attacking (hyper armor only activated when attaching).



7% hyper armor is a joke :smile:


3 strength is better, dunno about the calculations but I tested in arena Armor + Legend and Strength has better DMG prevented