The Question Thread


Yeah super lazy build indeed. I’m at fl 550 m3 and dont have to lay a finger on mobs,they usually die after 1-2 reflect,even Carto and Enslaver. Storm only for finish off Epic+ ones quickly.


Yep. With just enough affixes to increase DMG of things, it’s bound to happen so quickly. Especially when reflect DMG is quite high because it’s MH% DMG inflicted on enemies. Too bad it doesn’t elemental crit but whatever.

Glad it’s going really great for you.


I am making my one build :rage: i don’t copy because each one know what is best build for them since every one plays the game in different ways




Need info about the best affixes to add to legends Spellbinder (manashield), Star Pendant, Thor, Magnus Stone and Tarantis.


What special skill has the highest MH damage?


Multishot (rogue) - 1050% MH, knockback and crit damage.


MH ->Barrage and storm
OH ->mana shield.


Can poison cloud activate explosive?


About inferno does it only boost the dot of fire?


If u will follow codex’s explanation for inferno then it only affects fire attacks. As for the poison cloud im not quite sure if it can trigger explosive. Well the attacl made before the appearance of poison cloud can trigger explosive


Yes. You got the right idea of exploiting explosive and poison cloud xD.


If I use discordance chakram and use multishot as special. Would every chakram I throw get that 1050% MH DMG?


I don’t use explosive because it causes so much lag on my phone. Huhuh


Yes. Ur chakram will deal 1050%MH while multishot will deal 300%MH


Yes since Discordance swap damage and cooldown of MH Primary and Special. Actually,with Multi Attack and Skilled Mythic, Chakram can do about 1450% MH damage.


Thank you.


Yep . Correction : Multi Attack and Extra attack won’t work on primary skill with Discordance equipped as a mythic so as OP as that sounds, it only affects special skills with Discordance equipped.

However if you have no Discordance equipped, your chakram can be affected by Multi and Extra attack but not your special skill. Anyway even though chakram MultiShot Discordance is powerful in some way, I personally think without Discordance is a better option for primary skill like Chakram.

Chakram is the best primary MH% skill due to innate MH%, cooldown is dependant on catching the boomerang , speed of return, etc. Higher APS on chakram or return speed is basically lower CD in that regard.


With x4 Multi Attack, the MH Primary damage is x3 right ? If I add x4 Extra Attack, how much damage MH Primary can get ?


Yes that’s right. As for 4+ extra attack, well it’s 1+(0.5+0.25+0.125+0.0625)= 1.9375 . 1.9375÷4= 0.484375 or ×1.484375 DMG increase aka 48.4375% MH DMG increase.

It does look like in the formula that if you use 2 Extra Attack, DMG is increased but 4 extra attack makes up for it by adding 4 extra attacks (as the name implies). Each extra attack apparently has 50% chance per each and DMG per each so less DMG per each.

Of course I did find the extra attack formula from somewhere in forums but from my own testing, 4+ Extra attack is indeed better even if the DMG numbers don’t show it and 2+ extra attack shows similar DMG numbers to 4+ extra attack , though 2 less hits.

Although it’s probably way more MH% than I can imagine. This is one of the issues where even I can’t agree which is correct or not.

But I’d say based on damage numbers I’ve seen, 4 extra attack will not ruin the numbers but I noticed extra bits and faster take downs of enemies so 4+ Extra Attack is a great combo with 4+ Multi Attack. Extra Attack is like a multi attack but a 50% chance to come so chances are, it deals similar DMG to multi attack.

After removing extra attack, a significant DMG decrease in MH% , especially in my Rogue Discordance Chakram orb build from arena PvP build Will of the Force and Seasonal Maidens’ build. It used to be the time when 2+ extra attack was on zenith stone instead of 4 in one slot so the general consensus was that only spend 1 slot on extra attack 2+. Now that it’s 4+, you cannot go wrong really.

Extra attack and Multi attack are most definitely worth it in Primary skills and if Discordance Equipped, secondary skills. Even if it doesn’t show extra attacks or multiple attacks, those attacks get converted into extra MH% DMG or so. 4x multi attack being 3× MH% DMG and 4x Extra attack having chance to give over 50% increase MH% and 4 of them .

Edit: Yep, when removing extra attack, I noticed a 50% DMG decrease overall so that extra attack definitely helps. Its a chance to deal additional attacks and each extra attack means a chance to deal X amount of additional attacks.

Sounds like 50% chance to deal 4 additional attacks where as Multi Attack is 100% chance to deal 4 additional attacks at 4+ Multi attack.

The 50% chance I saw from old description in Extra Attack before that changed. Extra Attack is like adding another Multi attack with a chance of triggering up to 4 times I guess…