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Yeah extra attack is one of those things that can be annoying to find an exact answer to even if the description sounds simple.

Ok, after testing, extra attack doesn’t seem to want to work as well without any multi attack equipped so it’s dependant on multi attack basically. At 2 extra attack, 50% DMG increase. 4 extra attack, another 50% DMG increase or so. The multi attack 4 did give ×3 more DMG as expected because multi attack is simply 1+(4×50%)= ×3 .

However no extra attack at all and no multi attack loses even more MH% DMG so extra attack on its own can work. Combining both extra attack and Multi attack seems to do justice though.


im about 7/8 on the legend enemy feat. any suggestion what floor i should spawn it?

ive stopped playing for a year and ive lost the pc with my build plan.


Use a legend map or better,eternal map.
But that feat is easy to archive now thank to Hunter perk :smile:


In older patch, EAC is like “50% chance to deal additional attacks”, I thought those attack deal 100% damage but that was noob time so not really pay attention 'bout that :blush:
If MA and EAC can work together, that’s good :smile:


does each craft of eternal legends reroll affix values? is it possible to roll a perfect eternal through crafting?


How to get the BWD of weapon?


I think there is formula in codex…


Yes. I saw that but I don’t know where to get that BWD.

BWD+1*(Item lvl*0.25)*Max(1,Item lvl/20)


That’s the one formula im not sure myself how to do but there’s a thread where Clogon answered.

Also for level 100 weapons, to find it’s BWD, just click on weapon and see the damage on top.

For eg, gauntlet may say 6240-10400 DMG when you go menu for example and that’s the BWD at level 100. The average BWD is the middle of those values or so but any of these values will be calculated.


That is why you use 10400 as BWD for gauntlet in your calculation. Right?

But I want to know how to get those. I want to calculate for other item levels.

On clogons post he uses 60 as base DMG for chakram. Do you think he get those from a lvl 1 chakram?




its anyway to put 2 myth stone +50 DMG in a wand or other weapons?? Or is other way to increase a DPS/DMG of a weapon??

note: the wand already have +weapon dmg and % weapon dmg. The actual dps is around 100 to 110.


You can only put one mythstone of each kind in an item.


does each craft of eternal legends reroll affix values?

is it possible to roll a perfect eternal through crafting?

how to increase loot imp’s (break destructible feat) rarity of drops? I did get lots of eternals through this.


Every craft of eternal and legend items through dust gives different values(numerical) of affixes. And it is possible to craft/drop a perfect eternal item. Recently, one member here posted his eternal poise and all of it affixes are perfect. Not cheated nor hacked. As for the imps’ feat, high luck/eternalized/crystalline set will increase your chance on having an eternal or crystal item to be dropped since the imp guarantees 3 legend upon completing the feat.


Manashield on hero page has +dmg% and +reflect dmg%

what does that mean? and what element does the reflect dmg follow?


+dmg% on hero points page usually means increase your MH% or OH% DMG . For eg, my meteor has 750% MH DMG or weapon DMG as some people call it or the game calls it.

If I have hero points 20 in Meteor which adds +100% weapon damage, it actually means 750%×2= 1500% MH meteor DMG . There are other parts to hero points also.

For the OH% where the weapon is offhand, if I have shatter at 500% OH or 500% weapon damage and I are 20 hero points into shatter, it doubles into 1000% OH because it multiplied by +100% even though it looks like it adds +100% damage. Multiplying by 100% means ×2 or (1+100%).

Manashield and Timewarp doesn’t actually deal DMG but manashield does deal reflect DMG . Although reflect DMG % isn’t based off any element but it’s a reflect attack that happens when you hit. It usually does x% MH DMG to enemies so 250% reflect damage is 250% MH dealt . Although mana shield reflect DMG is a different case where it reflects 200% OH when hit. With hero points, it basically adds 50% extra DMG to reflect at 20 hero points when it adds +50% reflect dmg% .

As far as the actual damage . At 20 hero points, it would suggest to add 100% more damage or double the original OH% since manashield is offhand % but manashield doesn’t do damage, only offhand reflect damage. It probably affects the offhand reflect or something else such as maybe adding damage to any skill when the shield is up.

Timewarp hero points probably increase the Timewarp potency on affecting projectile DMG by 50% to make it probably double but I can’t be certain. Timewarp is a buff and Debuff skill that can affect any character that casts projectiles but slow down any enemy attacks, usually projectiles but you can make it affect melee attackers with a wizard talent. However Timewarp itself doesn’t do DMG so it can confuse some about the damage added at Timewarp hero points.

Shieldwall also has reflect on OH% aka offhand reflect % instead of Mainhand reflect %. Reflect DMG legend affix is MH% normally.

Reflect doesn’t sound all that powerful unless you have the right build but it can be increased by Mirrored Chestplate , certain talents , Redirect, hero points, etc.


Its a question about ascending:

My char have blue circle around his portrait in the campaign. If he ascend again will it change in to yellow/gold?? What is the max ascend color( will be epic item color )??


Green aka eternal ascension.


so how do i boost this reflected dmg then? wd ed? or only the dmg multipliers like glass canon, push the limit, dmg to elites, can they even crit?