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are procs additive? for example you have 4x 25% orb proc. does that mean you get a 100% orb proc per second or 1 orb proc per second? or are they separately rolled?


All of them and Reflect damage %, Electrified Set too.


How to boost reflect DMG . Add reflect DMG % affixes, the mirrored mythic , the redirect mythic, skills that reflect , electrified set . Many methods. Hero points on some skills and even talents too.

How to boost DMG in general , including reflect DMG .

WD% and ED% for DPS formula. ED% appears as ice DMG % for ice weapons and gear for eg. Also power stat 103 , high or decent base DMG weapon or a high attack speed skill or both.

Glasscannon, push the limit to increase MH% or OH% like hero points , barbarian, Crits , deadly strikes , Frostbiting ,it appears as Elemncrit in ruby and the property changes when the element changes ) , Elemental Crits, Adventurer, Momentum, Pathfinder, Demonic, Amplify, Relentless, Living force, Blindside , Darkness , Sorcery, and many others all increase your weapons damage a lot and that damage can be crit also.

Even reflect damage can crit too. Any damage can crit given enough crit chance%. Normally crit DMG deals 0 to 50% crit DMG default without having added anything . If you add 350% crit DMG, you’d deal 350% to 400% more DMG as crit than normal DMG.


Procs are additive.


How Unity Mythic works? It matches all resist to the highest resist but my All Element Resist didn’t raise at all.


That’s strange.


What is strange? If you have 170 all resist on a gear and have unity mythic on ring, that is not going to increase the 170 all resist. Unity mythic only increases all of your resists to the highest value of whatever you have invested the most of your resist into.


Ok. What about the difference in damage reduction though. Elements set adds each individual resists but not the All resist also.

My initial thought is that if all the resist match the highest resist, somehow the All Resist changes (if the highest resist was higher than the All resist) but it appears not. Maybe there is a difference after all in damage reduction in that regard .


I will provide this calculation example later today in my damage reduction guide.


A pain in the mind: Its possible to change the AOE attack without changing weapons? Example: wand with barrage and Meteor.


yes, use amber on your weapon


Can angelic affects summon skill? Will they have a High APS too?


how do i get (“5”) vamparic touch or other set items even i unequipped other part of the set item? on the other guides, i see they have different sets used but having the set bonus on individual items.

im just new to this game like i just started playing this about 2-4
weeks old


Yes Angelic does probably affect them. So long as they’re under 1 second to cast. Summon also gives minions 50% APS boost for 5 seconds and actually adding attack speed too.

Although with Synergy Mythic, you gain that 50% MS and APS boost instead of only the minions.

Or I could be wrong and the APS only affects you but lets test. Must waste more crystals to answer questions.


Epiphany bonus is one of the set bonuses that don’t require a set to achieve but not many are like that.

Also in PvP, bonuses don’t need the full requirements to be achieved (unless it’s Epiphany Bonus, Vortex Bonus , Demonic Bonus, Angelic Bonus) .

For example, even though it says 2 permafrost to achieve permafrost bonus , in PvP you only need 1 permafrost to achieve. One thing I noticed is that they’re 40% as effective than the campaign bonus which is to be expected . Although epiphany bonus still requires that impossible 70% Attack speed in PvP which is too costly and not something anyone will do and that 70% DMG increase becomes less than 28% when it’s 70%×40% .


what i want to know is how to make set bonus reach (2)-(8)


It’s not bonus. It’s actually just Set Number. To get that, add 2+ All sets. Well add 4+ All sets. 2+ All sets turns that (2) into (4). +4 all sets turns (2) into (6) . You can’t however get more than +4 All sets so to get (8) on a set affix, you need 4 of the same set affix and 2 Elixir Mythstone on jewellery .


Would the minion that being summoned will be affected by angelic set affix?


I think it should but im not sure. I should test. Edit: Wait nvm, only summon haste. How could I forget.


Would be nice if they can be affectedbby angelic and hunger. Seeing minions going wild. :joy::joy::joy: