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I have change the AOE attack of my wand. how do I get it back to normal?


Yeah. I don’t think I they were affected by normal attack speed as well but it’s hard to tell.

Anyway with Synergy Bonus and boost talent, you get minions to have over 70% APS boost and 70% MS boost . Also minion has natural 50% attack speed boost for few second. Then add summon haste legend affix which is added by ruby.

Synergy would go good with momentum and summon + high APS build. Also just for high APS in general. Looks like this gives me a brilliant idea for PvP xD. OP barrage or other skills! I mean it’s less powerful in PvP but it would still work. See I get new ideas and learn from people’s questions xD. The mythic itself wouldn’t be nerfed but the talent would so I wouldn’t benefit from that talent called boost as much nor diffusion.

Diffusion gives 30% HP and DMG to minions from yours so if you had high DMG and HP , the minion could take 30% of that at talent 20. Summon HP is of course another way and hero points.
Maybe summoners mythic could be better when minion dies slower for eg.

Btw, skulldraga is treated as a Living minion so that’s why A.I can sometimes attack it and get distracted. Also the skulldraga of mine disappeared super quickly against that barrage build since it had limited HP. It’s HP increases as I increase my own HP. Mirror image is also treated as a summon minion with its summon DMG % at hero points.

Although summoners mythic probably only affects the minions of the tome. A wizard exclusive mythic if you will. It could affect furies and skulls and stuff but it most likely doesn’t.


Can reflect damage activate HP/MP on hit?




Yes. Lots of OP ideas xD.


About satyr’ spirit can fortune boost it?


It say “gold find on gear”, so maybe not :smile:


Yeah. I’ve tried it. Thank you for the response.


U r welcome :blush:


What is the difference between elemental crit and immolate, freeze and toxic?


Legend Elemental Crit and similars (I only remember AD now) gives a chance for your attack cause its respective elemental crit effect. For instance, immolate, freeze, toxic and paralyze are elemental effects. So the difference is that Legend Elemental Crit boosts the chance of applying all these effects and epic immolate, toxic, etc. will only boosts their respective elemental effect, which are bind by the element of their origin’s gear. I also must mention that by “chance of applying all these effects”, I mean, if you throw a shock hit, it will boost paralyze chance, a poison hit, toxic chance and etc.


There is a lot that you don’t see. Get used to it, and pray that the owners keep us all interested. Right now, I wanna see more top two teir Crystals. I think maybe the company needs to focus on their objective. And if it’s just money, I’m out of here.


how do you know their objectives?


If I have Legend Elemental Critical and use a dual element, ice and fire, would my attack apply both freeze and immolate?


your fire attacks applies immolate and your ice attacks applies freeze


MH is fire and OH is ice. Right?

What if I use any of this: ascendant, element or prismatic
Would it spawned immolate, freeze, paralyze and toxic at the same time?


As different elements are cast, you have a chance of getting their elemental effects. So yes, you can apply them all at same time.


Yep. I don’t think however that Frostbiting on gear % converts into the other elemental effects when using ascendant even though that was my initial thoughts until actual testing. Would have been very powerful actually.

Apply all element at same time is possible. Well some effects won’t be as visible but it’s doable. Combine ice and Immolate plus poison cloud and it shows. The shock won’t show but it happens and arcane Debuff also.


Legend elemental crit works on any element on gear and no need to change the element of the gear piece you put the legend elemental crit. Not to mention it is double the epic version.

The epic elemental crit only applies for one elemental crit and it changes depending on the element of your gear but not dynamically. Not good for ascendant the epic elemental Crits or other purposes.

However the legend elemental crit works for all elements cast and changes dynamically . Great for ascendant and other porpoises . (Get the porpoises pun?). 30% elemental crit legend affix means 30% elemental crit for toxic, paralyze, Immolate ,freeze , orbit . The epic affix only apply for one element.



Hunger boost APS and CD will it go over cap?