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Yep. Hunger APS goes over the cap and the reduced CD which is very handy. Same with Angelic.


AOE Legend affix affects every skill?


Pretty much. It’s like the Magnify Talent in that regard. Although it may not be visible on all skill. Still, the AoE gains are there on almost all the skills.


It also affect the barrage attack??


No it only effects AOE skills and barrage isn’t one but could you imagine how broken +10 AOE radius barrage would be if it where effected




Not sure if this has been asked.

Is crushing flames affix character exclusive?
Have wasted 15+ amethysts already.


Its obtainable via amethyst. Try changing the items element to fire and the class to wiz.
But even with other classes crushing flame set affix should appear. Or even other elements. ITS PROBABLY RNG.




WTF is hireling?? Isn’t first time that i read this word but i don’t know what is.


Hireling can also mean companion.


Hireling. First, you need a second character slot, and then make a character. On the screen before you go into the dungeon, you have the option of your main character hiring another character as a Hireling.


ohh. Nice to know but i prefer solo because if i can defeat them i can defeat players on pvp


Dungeon and arena are different


Hello, I would like to ask of 'what is the total computation of plague set “hp” only when it’s on pve and it’s rank is 5??


Plagued Set affix at 5 would give you 125% or 2.25 increase on HP and Armor.




Its anyway to get those visual sets without paying (i don’t have cash) and without cheating??


Skullshield can be affected by Crystal attack speed? How about EAC and MA can it affect skullshield too?


I thought not, 40 Skullshield is enough :smile:
EAC and MA affect MH Primary only.