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Okay. That make sense. Thank you


Yea skullshield won’t be affected by APS. APS is more about the clicks per second in skills or how many touches of a skill per second. It has to be manual basically. The actual bolt speed of skills won’t be affected by extra APS. It would be too OP if it were true and combined with high hero points.

Of course EAC and MA won’t affect skullshield or any offhand since it only affects Primary MH skills. Discordance of course switches that to secondary MH skills. Just imagine if you could get Discordance on offhands! It would be too OP and Discordance was already ridiculously OP in some MH skills .


how do you get stats that reach 200+?


The stats point are limited to 103 points but every time that you ascend those points power up.
Exemple: You have 103 points in power that gives you an attack 20k of DMG/DPS if you ascent the 20k passes to 40k or more.


Not really.


its just a example to explain ascension.


so how do i get 200+ stats like those other threads posted with 290+ power stats


That was from a previous version of Dungeon Quest.
Recently we updated our stat system to award a single stat point (1) each time you level up.

In previous versions of the game you would get 3 stat points each time you leveled up.

It may look like you are getting less points, but we weighted the value of the single stat point to be worth “3”. It is the same amount as before, but it is faster to respec your character for different builds.


Ascensions don’t give u directly power-up. That’s wrong information.


Yes but the points increase the effect on that stat every time that you ascend.




No it doesn’t! It shouldn’t anyway. 103 power should always give around 7725 no matter the ascension . If it was what you suggested where it buffs every ascension, everyone who is eternal 99 would have had 6x the normal possible DMG for PvP and PvE and the game would be absurdly different .


Ascension only give Perks.


So tell me why i am doing more damage with the same stats points and with the same hero points???


different items?


Changes in affixes , power shrine , ascension enshrined with power shrine combined , hirling debuffs , debuffs, your element , your weapon , etc. Also item quality, empower talent/talents in general and more.

Many many factors into account. I think he experienced the placebo effect with the Ascensions buffing DMG of stat point. The only real buffed DMG would be Enshrined - Power Shrine if lucky.

When doing the calculations , I realise just how easily to accurately predict DMG and me seeing that damage I predicted and if never changed even at eternal ascension.


Same gear, same items and same affixes. And if ascension only gives perks then why reset stats points that don’t make any sense and turns that thing useless and not require in the game. So why don’t remove it from the game.


Resets stats and level 1 is so it adds some extra effort. It would be too easy if there was no cost to Ascensions . Ascensions were already pretty OP in old DQ terms so the cost was a good justification . Well not OP but super amazing that they just had to have a grind to level 100 each time.

Also I quite enjoyed the grind to eternal 99 tbh. The game got interesting again when Ascensions came and farming got so much better. I liked that it wasn’t super easy , otherwise it would be boring.


So you pay 5milions in game money just to get you stats reset. Its just a stupid feature that don’t belong on RPGs. So I will put a bad review on google app store.


You don’t see the point of ascension.