The Question Thread


@SamuelMG no one has to ascend. Any one can play DQ without ascending. Ascending for perks is for players who want free bonuses to improve their gameplay, at the cost of restarting at level one and earning a lot of experience. Besides, spending game gold for Perks is better than spending real money.


Grind. 5m is cheap. Not a stupid feature.


You DON’T HAVE to Ascend, it’s your choice. IMO, a few millions for those useful perks totally worth it. Just think of the gold you use for convert CS/MS to get the high rarity ones.


You still don’t totally see my point of view. I was thinking that every time that i ascending my stats points increase their effect on my mana, power and health so finding that ascending is just to get a perk is too disappointing.


I see every one with higher attack and mine don’t pass the 200 storm dmg/dps the barrage don´t pass the 30 dmg/dps.


It’s DQ, not MU online :smile:
U have 300M Storm damage ? Or 300B ? High damage = good combination of affixes, that’s all.


On ascending will i get more powerful gear or will be the same thing??


You’ll just get the effects of the Perks, nothing else.

But you should realize that these perks makes the farming WAY better, as you’ll get ALOT more gold, rare items IF your build is good.

You’re not forced to Ascend, its a choice, If you want better gears just farm and make them, thats not ascension’s purpose lol




why eternals have 50% of quality and legends only have 25% like the normal gear?? Its kinda unfair that legend gears is limited to such low quality at least should be 30% of quality.


It’s not unfair. 50% quality means doubled affixes so 25% double strike being 50% on eternal because of that.

Legends at 25% quality is pretty big enough for getting perfect affixes or close to perfect rerolls most of the time but I do agree that some affixes still take a bit of RNG rerolls.

Eternals are always guaranteed 50% quality though but you cannot edit nor reroll Eternals. You can only hope a drop is so good. Although in legends that are fabled weapons and the unreal good where you can add mythic on eternal, you can add the epic affixes. You cannot remove them but you just hope you get the affix you want and usually it’s always rerolled perfect , albeit at ×2 the original so 5000 WD being 10000 .


About the imp pets can they drop eternals?? Why a player can’t craft legend pets?? Its kinda restrictive not able to craft them.


I have had an imp drop Eternals before. if you have the imp focus on Legend + pick ups, you can end up with a lot of Legends, and better chances of the higher items. luck improves chances, I think.


Sound good but the dust income will be nearly zero as all the Legends being picked and convert. I convert useless Crystal Legend and Eternal for CS, not salvage them for dust.


imps with Legend + pick up do not convert legends. legends are what all the other items being picked up are turned into. Legend + pick up means that that is the only items that you pick up, the imp picks up all the others and eventually converts them into Legend Items. you will actually end up with more Legend Items. the down side is that you wont have anything to sell to make gold, making the Dealer Perk useless, and making it hard to convert Legend Items into Dust, as it takes gold for the conversion. and of course, no gold means you can’t convert crystal legends and eternals for crystals.


Sunday I am going to try installing a Cyanogen Mod Rom (android 6.0), gapps (google apps) version, but i don’t know if the game will work on this rom??


Game will work in any rom as long as your phone is alive and ROM perfectly installed or so , so yes , DQ playable.

I used Cyanogen Mod to play DQ on s3 mini with marshmallow 6.0 and Gapps better .

However for best results, make sure you are careful. I can help you if you’re unsure but Pm me.


My smartphone has sd card update option so no problem in it but first i try on my other smartphone (same model).


Didn’t work still the same :pensive: Can anyone update the DQ??


I got a serious doubt about the damage that the mythic rockblast does. In the guide its does 300% each but in the game its says 600%. So what is the real DMG?? 300% or 600%??