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You got that mixed up with arc Mythic lol . Arc Mythic deals 600% MH per arc but it used to deal 300%.

Rockblast hasn’t really changed in DMG but it’s 200% MH per rock and it shoots up to 5 rocks in straight line forward. I miss when it exploded though.


This mean that Griffin’s Smithery Mythics guide is wrong because it says that deals 300% each. And yes i confused it arc. But i prefer bombard its better for my Nuclear Winter build.


No cosmic orb?


Low DMG comparing with other and don’t do multi element DMG at the same time. Bombard is better because has an AOE range bigger than storm and do multi element DMG at the same time.


hi people. i just registered here and i’m a newbie (i’m having some health issues maing me search for online pharmacy and few other things in regards to this so i hope this is not going to be a big problem)… to be honest, i can’t actually understand everything… if i am having some questions i just can come here and ask? thanks so far for asking some questions that were asked by someone else earlier. found useful info. thanks again!


Actually cosmic orb has a decent AoE range , deals 10-20 hits at once and 300% MH per each hit. Although bombard still has its uses :slight_smile: . I used to be fan of bombard at one time.

Bombard actually has 250% MH per meteor instead of 300% and 5 hits Vs 10 or 20 hits.


@CuzegSpiked will help you with your question. :joy:


Please tell me what are the affixes that obsidian add to wizard gear because i need to increase of this aether spark attack

There is anyway to get +4 multi attack on wizard gear??


@SamuelMG you can get +4 multi attack affix only on Eternal items. for example, Golex’s Gauntlet has +2 multi attack and +2 attack chance. Eternal Golex Gauntlet has +4 multi attack and attack chance. check the Eternaldex in the Codex. any Eternal items with these affixes will be +4 instead of +2.

this is a list of Crystal Affixes you can get with Obsidian. don’t know how up to date it is. clicking will take you to the wiki page, it looks better than what you see on this post.


ok thx


Can anyone tell me the max of “push the limit” affix??


wiki says 50% for the affix, so if you have 2, you can get 100%. I think 100% is the max you can get it up to.


100% both PVE and PVP. That same goes with GC and Barbarian.


ok thx


Your welcome.


I have a question…does push the limit activate the cerebral vortex bonus?


Nope. To activate CV bonus you need 25% Resource Cost equipped on your item.


Yep. Equipped . Also it can go over the PvP cap too of 24% resource cost and still activate. It’s powerful at 150% increased Torrent OH but at PvP, it’s 60% or so.


Can anyone please tell me what stats should i focus on a summon build with tome??

note: Not yet created need to test my actual build first. If it fails then i go for summon build.


Go for power stats.