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Correct me if i am wrong. The glasscannon affix removes a percentage of your hp and transfers it to your weapon in form of attack. Right??

exemple: 35% glasscanon = Weapon DMG + (HP - 65%)


Yes. Gains 35% more DMG overall but your HP cut down by 35%. If you had 50% Glasscannon and had 10k HP, you end up having 5k HP but gain 50% more overall DMG.


ok thx


I have Nova Mythic on my OH. my MH is Fire and OH is Poison. on the weapon stat page, my nova has the 250% OH damage, but showing Fire element. in the dungeon, when Nova proc’s, it always proc’s Fire, no matter what skill I am using, MH or OH. in the Codex, it says Nova does OH damage. I thought it would do the OH Element also.
I was using Prismatic before, so didn’t notice anything wrong, but when I went to Fire & Poison that is when I noticed the discrepancy.
is this right? or should I make a bug report?
I started to notice this while Teleporting around sharing Plague with all the monsters. Teleport would leave a Toxic cloud, but Nova would also Immolate anything in it’s AOE when it proc’d.


I had that issue as well when trying to make the charged inferno build for fire and shock purposes where OH procs used MH element. It doesn’t seem right but it hasn’t changed. Bug Report you can give it a shot if you want.


well, on the negative side, I was expecting a lot of poison damage between Nova & Teleport, but on the positive side, I had that Talent that gives a damage bonus to targets with element DoT’s. Amplify?
besides I think all Legend proc’s use MH for damage purposes, and I guess the same element. but the OH Mythic proc’s use OH damage, and then should use OH element.
I realize the Legend & Mythic proc’s can be proc’d from both MH/OH, but they should get the element damage from the hand where they get the damage from.
I guess there is a negative and a positive no matter which way you go on this subject.

Edit: I guess I won’t do a bug report. it seems that this has been around for awhile and hasn’t really caused any problems for anyone. since it isn’t really that broken, it doesn’t really need to be fixed that much.


In a tome base build does the minions dmg you?? if yes how much??


How to get eternal pet the fastest? Played dq for 2years havent got any green peta yet.


How many hours of farming you do though? I have 7 pets that are eternal . Well 8. Eternalized, quick farming on pack size maps at 3 mins per run, a decent speed phone , item drops, Epiphany, Max luck, fortunate , sometimes using legend maps or floor 500 but mostly floor 200. I would do like 3-4 hours of farming a day at most but 1-2 hours isn’t bad if you don’t like farming too long or can’t. What really counts is the speed of the floor runs and how you do it. (Less dying also means less time wasted).


I’m quite confused about this. How is Berserker’s Chopper giving hp bonus? :dizzy_face:


it looks more like the Mythic Hatchet is doing less DPS, PROTECT, & MORE HP than the Berserker’s Chopper, not the other way around. I am mostly thinking this because the Hatchet has +7500 HP, but the Berserker’s Chopper has no HP boost. so the stat comparison is the equipped item versus the compared item. this might explain why people are confused by it all the time. any thoughts anyone?


It’s because they have Equivalence mythic on the OH. Equivalence averages HP and MP to the same value. The same gear without Equivalence will give more HP based on their set up. Hope that helps.


ahh, didn’t think of Equivalence, but with or without that Mythic, the +7500 HP affix gives more HP than the Chopper, even with the Equivalence putting a portion of the HP into MP.


The problem is, when i equip chopper, it DOES give more hp than my mythic hatchet with the +7500 hp boost

That is why I’m actually more confused.


It should give more HP because the equivalence mythic averages your MP and HP even if you have flat HP on the mythic gear. This means you add HP and MP together and divide by 2 for equivalence. Without the mythic, you are not averaging HP/MP.

Let’s pretend your HP is 10000 and MP is 3100.

With equivalece your HP would become (10000+3100)/2 = 6,550

Even removing 1 plagued set from 7 to 6 and losing 1 flat HP will give you 35% more HP because of how equivalence averages HP and MP in your exact build.

Hope that shed a little more light.I might make an update to my thread about accurately calculating HP/MP.


Okay, thanks so much for clarifying

Is there a way to only remove crystal affix without using larmier to kill all other affixes?


Remove the 45% critical chance? You can use quartz but it will destroy the item by the time you get to the cyan affix…

Kyanite can remove everything except bonuses and cyan/obsidian affix on legend and less gears (does not work on eternal gear).


Yeah, I figured as much.

I have a helm I wanted to re-organize, but I’ll just craft a new helm


does defiant damage reduction works well with mana shield?


No. No damage reduction affects mana shield. Manashield reduces mana when taking damage is why since it merely blocks damage by taking mana. Infusion talent allows 10% of your resists to count with mana shield but even that’s not worth all the effort. Mana shield survival mainly if you have a lot of mana to take hits but you want to deal high DMG .