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Is cap for balance 100%?

Does this count towards hp/mp % total too or factor differently?


@CuzegSpiked isn’t that 10% per rank? so Infusion 40 would be 400% of my All Resist added to Mana Shield. so if I had 1,000 All Resist, my Mana Shield would have 4,000 All Resist? I know at a certain point, monsters could one shot a Mana Shield no matter how much you buffed up the Shield, but it sure sounds fun. I once tried to make a buffed up Mana Shield build, but I didn’t know enough about crafting to do a good job of it, but it is something I would like to try again sometime.


Yeah sounds like fun for PvE. But for PvP, well not as worth it but you can test as it could still have potential , even if a little bit. Good luck.


I have come across some good Mana Shield builds in the Arena, but the good ones are really just using the Shield to survive long enough to get you with something else, but still, just another stepping stone to Eternal Division 1, First Place. :smile:


I noticed when having spell sword and battle mage, battle mage will override spell sword (comet/meteor).

However, does spell sword’s effect (% all resist + total mp) still get added into stats?


Yes. You can combine both Spellswords %all resist and Total MP with Battlemages Total HP with % Armour (though the battlemage whirlwind and charge will be the dominant skill over the comet and meteor from spellsword.


Yeah, that’s what I saw too.


is Draught Mythic affected by the Potion Nerf map affix? I have a build in mind that uses Draught Mythic, and was wondering if I need to avoid Potion Nerf. since Draught is activated by hitting the Mana Potion button, I just wanted to know if this will be a problem I need to deal with later.


Is there a way to toss more than 3 hatchet at a time?

Or would I need MA / EAC?


@solid_ice8 those don’t work on Toss. if you had Toss, and Toss proc, and Elemental, and a few other affixes that recast Toss, that is the only way to Toss more than 3 hatchets at a time.


No. There is none.


Aw, that’s okay then.

I assume these work on whirlwind and such?


Not so sure but I think MA and EaC works only on primary skills unless you Discordance Mythic.


can anyone help me how to compute bloodmagic total health. including mana/health% increase


Primary Mainhand skills but with discordance, mainhand special skills. MH for mainhand.


I have found several Eternal items, but they don’t seem to get Unlocked in Codex. Is this normal?

This also applies to Mythics I’ve made too.


Plz! When to update new version ?


There is no update now. The last patch I remember was the patch 3.0 and one around January or december in Play store, App store and other store. There is also DQ 2 but that hasn’t come out yet. May come out.


Hi, does All Proc mythstone affect procs ? Or proc chance fixed at 30% ?


10% all proc
affects everything that has “proc” in it

So Twister Proc and even mythic skills count towards it

Does anyone know the difference between Rogue’s Deadeye (for deadly strike) and Warrior’s deadly strike % chance for 2x dmg?

Are these the same in terms of giving deadly strike with the exception that warrior’s get additional 2x dmg on crits?