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Hi, have u tested it out yet ? Just lost my phone n dont remember my old account so I’m totally out of resource right now( Start over again).

Deadly Strike hits r x2 damage of normal crit hits.Deadeye talent give % chance to cause Deadly Strike. Warrior skills n talents I don’t remember which affect Deadly Strike ?


Yep, I’ve tested and can confirm. I have a few +10 all procs and this increases chances on both mythic skills. On stats page, it’s counted as all spell proc, so it would effect everything else.

Yep, I know deadly strike = 2x dmg on crits.

No warrior skills/talents effect deadly strike. That is why I’m curious to see if there’s a difference between the 2.


Oh tks, I thought Deadeye just like a Deadly Strike +30%, nothing else. Mythic Brutal also make x2 crit dam to x3, but it apply for both Rogue n Warr.


Yeah, I have that mythic on one of my gears too.

I just wanted to make sure, since I rolled Deadeye on a pet and I totally forgot about this affix lol, thanks.

  1. Are any of the Set affixes (Plague, Druidic.etc) affects reduced in PvP? I haven’t read anything regarding this.

  2. Based on Elemental Critical description, this states _Gives weapons of any element a +##% chance to Elemental Crit _. If I have Fire MH + Ice OH and Nova is active (100% Element Crit Chance), will I be doing both Immolate and Freeze when using one weapon?

  3. Is Nova’s Elemental Crit Chance lowered in Pvp? I know Elemental Critical (Legend affix) is capped at 16%

  4. If the affix I’m looking for isn’t in the pvp affix cap list (in that really really small pic), does this mean there isn’t a cap for it?


4.yes ? But what affix?


That my friend is a secret ;).


Okies :joy:


You pretty much told us the affix :joy:

  1. Nope, set affixes aren’t affected on PVP. You can test this, take a Plagued (3) on PVP and see your HP being multiplied by 1.75 (75% increase).
  2. Nova damage is OH based, so it inherents only the OH type of elemental crit.
  3. Nope, Mythic affixes also don’t scale down on arena, meaning they have same DMG and Proc Rate at PVP. Even if it’s just 16%, the nova’s elemental crit is an effect, not an affix. Think about Stealth, the standard cap for dodge is 60%, but stealth allows you to have 100% dodge, because it’s an effect.
  4. That means it isn’t updated yet. You must read patch notes for sure.

  1. O really? Thanks
  2. U must test it again
  3. Ty :slight_smile: i thot his question is reduce of chance


number 2, Nova damage may be OH, but when I had different Elements for MH & OH, it was using the MH element for some reason. I was doing fire MH and ice OH for a bit, and when I was Teleporting, the Teleport was slowing and Freezing stuff, but when the Nova proc’d, it was causing fire DoT and Immolation. I didn’t have any other proc’s, so I know it was Nova using fire element instead of ice. this was a few months ago, and I am doing only 1 element at the moment, so I don’t know if it has been fixed since I last mentioned it.


I’ll test when I get a chance


for a little while, I was using Prismatic, and it wasn’t a problem, since every attack was a random element. it was when I went to 2 elements that I noticed it. I decided that, even though it was weird, I would use it to my advantage, and I had already reported it in another thread.


Yeah, I just tried that too.

Prismatic will proc the different element and the color of Nova will adjust too.


does multiattack/extra attack affect whirlwind?


No. Except if you use Discordance Mythic but be sure to have a good primary weapon as it makes your special skill deal the primary MH% as well as the cooldown and mana cost.
For example, you have say lance that has 150% MH and whirlwind has 500% MH. This gets swapped around using Discordance so your whirlwind would end up having the 150% MH while the lance gets the 500%MH . Multi Attack and Extra Attack only work on special skill that acts like primary skill when discordance works so whirlwind can be affected then. The reduced CD and increased APS doesn’t really remove the duration of the whirlwind though but reduced mana cost isn’t a bad thing.
However you can get more dmg without discordance and easier too as whirlwind is 500% MH per 0.25 seconds so around 2000% MH a second. With hero points 20, you can double that easily, and using push the limit legend affix. Discordance you could do the same but it would take more slots due to Multi and Extra Attack. You could get more dmg and extra attacks from using discordance with whirlwind though if you wanted to test that.


I was looking at the Legend Affix, Slow Orb, and it says it slows the spell. does that mean it makes the Orb last longer? Orb Skill 40 makes Orbs stationary, which would make Slow Orb unnecessary, unless it increases the duration of the Orb Spell itself. which would be good with the Reactor Set.


Yeah that sounds about right. Slow Orb used to be slow projectile but then changed to only affect orb as well. 40 hero point orb is really slow though already :smiley: but i can see some interesting uses such as reactor or staying on the enemy. i mean 20 orb was already slow but useable and benefits for me.
Living force used to work on orb and that slowed it down, then returned it to extend its duration and reactor set duration.


ok, thanks. I never really used Orb before 3.0, and reading the changes for Orb and Slow Projectile after 3.0 made Orb seem weaker to me. but I have used Orb with Reactor a few times, and Slow Orb seems like a good way to make Orb with Reactor Set a force to be reckoned with. I had Orb 40 with Reactor, and having Slow Orb means more Arcs before the spell ends. I’ll have to try them all together later, I am working on Ascending my other 5 Characters at the moment.


yep. I can already see the potential as something I would abuse even despite the disadvantages. Its pretty cool.