The Question Thread


does 100% block still exist?


Yes, i use it for climbing floor


i have 90block +40bulwark yet my char still dies. what did i miss?


3 set epiphany… Without that ur block only 60% because cap…


does the Mutilate Talent work with the Multiple Attacks that Blink Strike Skill has even if I don’t use MA or EAC?


Good question


I was thinking about the Multiple Attacks some Skills have, like Meteor. a Rogue using Blink Strike with a Meteor Proc and Mutilate Talent! :eyes: I didn’t look to see if Warrior has a Skill with Extra Attacks yet…just looked, and Warrior doesn’t have any Skills with Multiple Attacks. had a shadow of an idea yesterday for a build.


I’m only guessing here. So I am going to be shot down in flames. I think multiple attacks are rapidly succession of all skill attacks extras attack is just one skill repeated


well, it will be awhile before I do any crafting and testing, so I have time for someone who knows to answer. have an idea for a Speed Lighting Build from a manga I read awhile ago.