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does 100% block still exist?


Yes, i use it for climbing floor


i have 90block +40bulwark yet my char still dies. what did i miss?


3 set epiphany… Without that ur block only 60% because cap…


does the Mutilate Talent work with the Multiple Attacks that Blink Strike Skill has even if I don’t use MA or EAC?


Good question


I was thinking about the Multiple Attacks some Skills have, like Meteor. a Rogue using Blink Strike with a Meteor Proc and Mutilate Talent! :eyes: I didn’t look to see if Warrior has a Skill with Extra Attacks yet…just looked, and Warrior doesn’t have any Skills with Multiple Attacks. had a shadow of an idea yesterday for a build.


I’m only guessing here. So I am going to be shot down in flames. I think multiple attacks are rapidly succession of all skill attacks extras attack is just one skill repeated


well, it will be awhile before I do any crafting and testing, so I have time for someone who knows to answer. have an idea for a Speed Lighting Build from a manga I read awhile ago.


sorry for a double post, but I have a question. I have been using Blinkstrike on my Rogue Hireling, and noticed it has +1% Crit Chance and +1% Crit Damage per Rank for the Skill. when I looked at the Stat Page, it doesn’t show up. my question is, do these go over cap, or not. I usually have +60% Crit Chyance on my Builds, and if I had a Rogue with 40 points in Blinkstrike, I would have +100% Crit Chance when I use Blinkstrike. I was planning on testing this out when I get my Rogue to level 99, but maybe someone knows the answer already. there are other Skills that have boosts that don’t show up on the Stat Page, but are also affixes that are found on items. are they additive, multiplicative? are they part of the cap or not? anyways, it will be a few days before I can do any testing, as I just got the Rogue to level 92 I think.


I would imagine that talents and hero skills are limited by caps, but I’m not definite. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can give a more definite answer.


Eu queria saber o quão útil é o affix DMG TO ELITE ? (PVP)

Para um Barrage full dano - seria útil EPIPHANY ?

E qual o melhor mythics para o peito ? e qual peito usar ?

E qual o mythics usar no anel ? e qual anel ?

Eficaz ajuda em arena? (PVP)




well, there is the +50% Crit Damage that isn’t included in the Crit Damage Cap, but is counted as extra damage when you get a Crit. but then, the +10% Crit Chance you start with is counted as part of the Cap. my Rogue is almost level 99, so I will do some testing and share what I find. the thing is, my Rogues Crit’s are +20% and +75%, so the Blinkstrike boosts from Skill Points should show up. lots of testing in the near future. and writers cramp as I keep track of damage generated from testing to see if damage changes when I add Hero Points and Epic affixes.

@DQNemo Damage to Elites is not used much in Battle Arena, as there are better ways to increase your damage. if Dmg to Elites is what you have, use it until you find better ways to do damage. for question 3 and 4, if you are using another persons build, use what they use, if you are making your own build, do a lot of testing. for question 5, I just did a search, and Effective Mythic doesn’t work, or isn’t very useful in PVP. I think it is because Players don’t have a specific Element they are weak against like monsters are. for example, monsters on a Fire map are weak against Ice Element.



bônus de epiphany é valido em PVP ou é inútil ?

Alguma dica sobre algum peitoral ?


Epiphany raises the Cap for affixes in the Arena. so it can be useful. but affixes and affix caps are lower in the Arena, so you should have 2 or 3 affixes going over Cap to make Epiphany useful. because the benefit of using Epiphany is smaller in PVP than in PVE, you might have to put more effort in making an Epiphany Build do well in the Arena.
I haven’t really thought about using a particular chest item, because I am still testing my builds to find one that I like. you should do a search on PVP Builds and see what other players used, to get an idea of what chest item would be good for your PVP build. there are many different builds in the Arena. some players use the same items, but there are many items that are good to use. that is why when you look at other players build, you will see that they use many different items. it all depends on how you want to fight.



Me refiro ao bônus de 70% total DMG



Oct '17

Epiphany bonus requires 28% attack speed to activate in the arena for 20% more damage.

Haunting bonus requires 16% clearcast to activate 40% more damage.

Please remember bonuses will only show activated on your main character. They will not show activated on a hireling in PvP.



Creio que usarei, kkkkkk

difícil saber como colocar clearcast* hahahaha


Just a question about stun chance: Does it stack from things like fustigate, berserker and the charge talent? Being that, can i get 100% stun chamce or will i be limited to +75% (with epiphany)


Clearcast: you can not roll it with Ruby, so you have to find it on Legend Items or use Myth Stones. the Legend version also has 100% cool down on it. and it has a 60% cap I believe. can anyone verify if I have 25% Legend Clearcast and 25% Myth Stone Clearcast, do I still have the 100% cool down? this is another thing I want to know and haven’t tested yet. I am so busy (lazy)!