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would just like to ask what affixes directly affect a crushing flame build? most of the builds i see skip getting crystal crit/critdamage so im seeking help before i craft my hiking build

i’m planning to do a ranger type rogue so i’ll focus on just crunching enemy’s hp with guidedshot


at a minimum, you need Fire Element or Prismatic, Immolate or Elemental Crit, Crushing Blow, and Crushing Flames.

the only thing that changes/affects Crushing Blow is Crushing Flames. Crushing Blow reduces an enemies HP directly and doesn’t cause Crit Chance or Elemental Crit. because CB has a chance to reduce an enemies HP by 10%, you eventually get to a point you can’t lower an enemies HP with CB, even with CF. some players use Crit Chance & DMG for the last few HP left, or other means of slashing HP when you get to really high floors. I believe that the last 9% of HP left needs something other than CB & CF to disappear. can’t do .9 DMG!


thank you so much and as always. is weaken still necessary on a crushing flames build tho? i find my current build lackluster but maybe enemy’s hp are still low since im still around 600+ floors only so crushing blow + cf isnt doing billions of damage


You could try the effective mythic.

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@dickwad Effective is good for an early or mid game Build, but the +25% DMG you get is only good if you have a spare slot for late game Builds and can be made ineffective if the Monster is Immune to the Element it is Weak against. and is useless if you are using Ignore Resist. but Weaken can keep it useful until you find better ways to do more DMG.

@macon Weaken is good for All Builds!!! after reading Mid’s Guide on the subject, and finally paying attention to and understanding what he wrote, Ignore Resist is a distant second :telescope: :ringer_planet:.

in the early game, using 2-3 spaces for +60% to +90% Weaken is important. in the mid game, when slots are at a premium, one slot with Ignore Resist is better (can be rolled with Ruby or found on some Legend items), and when you can use Obsidian, one slot with Crystal +90% Weaken is even better (Legend items with Weaken have a chance to have Crystal Weaken instead).

Weaken also has a +200% Cap, so if you have the slots to spare, you can boost DMG quite a bit just with Weaken!

when you read the section on Weaken, you can see how amazing Weaken really is.

Ignore Resist makes Fire, Ice, Shock, & Poison act like Arcane Element. monsters are neither weak or resistant to Arcane Element. with Ignore Resist they can never be Immune to, or lower the damage from resistance to Elements, but that means you don’t do extra damage with Elements they are weak against either.


Infusion Wizard Talent: gives Manashield +10% per Rank of your All Resist.

(this is an old post, but still looks relevant for today).

are Elemental Resist on Items or from Elemental Resist Affixes part of the Infusion calculation or added after?

if I have 1000 All Resist and 400 Ice Resist from all my gears on an Ice map using Manashield with Infusion 20, is it (1000 + 400) + 200% = 4200 Ice Resist, or (1000 + 200%) + 400 = 3400 Ice Resist? or are Elemental Resists not considered at all with Infusion, with the All Resists considered the same as the Elemental Resist in regards to the attacks hitting the Manashield, as in 1000 + 200% = 3000 Ice, Fire, Shock, Arcane, & Poison Resist, with item and affix Elemental Resists only counting as part of the All Resists when applied to HP?

I am considering an Unity Manashield Build, and the Elemental Resist part could be a big boost to defense.

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PVP Maximum Elemental Hit Crit Counts per Match

I have encountered this somewhere but can’t find it anymore. Also I need details. Anyway…

Pvp Question:

In one 30 second match in battle arena, how many times can one character be hit by an elemental critical damage i.e., high voltage, poison cloud, etc.?


In 2v2
A1 and A2 engaged B1 and B2 in a combat.


In one 30 sec match:

a. How many elem critical hits can A1 land on B1 and B2?

b. How many elem critical hits can A2 land on B1 and B2?

Thanks very match!


I asked this before, and I think the answer is 5 Elemental Crits max, after which no more Elemental Crits. also, I believe there was a post stating that after the first EC, the enemy starts to build up a resistance to the EC, so the chance gets lower, until you get to the fifth chance.

I had noticed that after the first few Elemental Crits in PVP I stopped getting them. so unless you have a build that can kill or lower the enemies HP with EC’s early in the match, you might end up getting tied matches if your defense is good enough so that your EC’s can kill in later matches.

I haven’t played enough 2x2 to know if EC’s from Main & Hireling are considered separately or together.

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Will someone explain to me what the fury resource actually does ? Is it like power ?

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Thanks @Golem!

That now explains the diminishing dps in the test dummy.


Fury does the ff.

Before you start using your main skills, you cannot cast special skills because your fury pool(tgis used to be your blue mana pool) will be empty to begin with.

Casting your main skill fills 30% of your fury pool

Casting special skills will cost you 50% of that pool.

Fury allows you to get into an infinite skill casting loop and will completely ignore your previous mana pool and mana regen.

However, fury is affected by push the limit and barbararian with respect to the relative resource(fury) cost of casting the special skills.


the way I was looking at it, your Primary Skills pumps up your Fury until you have at least 50% to cast your Specials, and Fury gives a DMG bonus to your Special Skills.

the down side is that Fury drains away when not using Primary Skills, and Specials can only be used once until your Fury is pumped back up.


I found an old Post and can’t find it again, but my question is…

do some of the bonus’ from Weapon Skills go over Cap? a few Skills have Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Bleed Chance, Cool Down, Elemental Crit, and maybe a few others? the old Post stated that they do and I wanted to know if this is still true.

just looking at Crit Chance, it has a +60% Cap. some of the Skills with Crit Chance and using Epiphany Set could get up to 100% Crit Chance if you really wanted it. I think this is how you can get Perma Stealth & +100% Block Builds, and the 100% Bleed from Scalp. I guess Coat Skill could get you up to 100% Crit Chance also.

it looks like I answered my own question, but I would like to be sure. I have some interesting Build ideas in mind.

Edit: I was thinking about some of my Twister Builds. there were a few times I had +60% Cool Down, and when I added +20 or +40 Twister (+1% Cool Down per Rank), I was casting a ton of Twisters at a rapid rate. so the answer is that some Skills at +40 with supporting Affix at Cap can give a player some amazing results. Earthshatter 40 is +400% Crit DMG, for +750% Crit DMG (350 Cap + 400 from Earthshatter). with Deadly Strike +1500 Crit DMG, & with Brutal it’s +2250% Crit DMG on Deadly Strike!


Amazing observations @golem.

Were you a tester?

Anyway, does druidic set affix improve bleed damage being also a DoT?

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effective on that the opponent low ressist.

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Thanks man.

But what I meant is does the DoT damage increase from Druidic Set improve Bleed DoT also?


druidic set is so nice on farming mode i don’t know in the arena. that doTS effecteveness for me also on farming :sweat_smile:

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Okay thanks again. I hope someone else will come here to enlighten us.


It affects element damage over time I think. As bleed isn’t element based then I think not. Just my guess.

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Thanks @dickwad. :confounded:

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