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an idea. If your element critical is blistering then druid may work.

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Wow. Great. That might just work. However using fire will take away the 50% damage bonus from shock element.

It is crucial for me to know because of the hybrid pvp I am developing as of the moment.

Thanks mate.

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No problem friend :heart_eyes: What I don’t understand is why you bother ? You are number one in league

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Druidic only affects the DoT of Poison. I am not sure if Poison DoT can cause Bleed DoT if you have Bleed Chance. I just did a search, but didn’t go very deep, and couldn’t find anything, so you might have to do a test to find out.


Nah. The fun does not end in getting the top spot(s).

Crafting and seeing the creation work is as much fun!

Thanks @golem and @dickwad


For everyone who knows the answer:

In PvP, which combination will give more bleed damage?

A. Vampiric Touch + Scalp + 50% epic bleed dmg

B. Cosmic Power + timewarped Scalp

(This question assumes that no skill point is invested)

Thanks in advance!


Ahhh because scalp is a projectile and timewarp boosts projectile damage. Now I’ve learned something. However, you can only get either scalp or timewarp as a off hand special… Unless I suppose you had a timewarp proc…? Need to think! Cheers @NUIQUE

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that is a good question and looks like it requires some testing and a visit to the Test Dummy. I just did some testing & have just Crafted a new Farm Build, so I am low on Crystals again.

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Berserker set bonus


every time I see that item and the Bonus, my brains starts working on ideas for a Bleed Build.

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Ooooh I have a warrior… Let me think.

Hmmm . Okay forget timewarp as a proc. I would be running around scalping hoping the proc occurs. Procs are good but not if your build relies on them. They should be bonuses.

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Yep :joy:. Procs serve as good extra bursts of/for damage against immortals and charging AIs if you do hit-and-run tactics or if you use immortal too.


I like storm as a proc because of its pushback effect.

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Thanks for the previous answers @dickwad @Golem

I have a new question from finding some legendaries for wizard:

  1. Does aoe radius increase the aoe of whirlwind? My main is using that atm, so perhaps jaspering can be useful (or getting it via crafting, however I’m not having any of those crystals yet)
  1. a)What do people need all the money for?
    (Like where to spend excess money - or why to make a dedicated farming money build?)

b) How the mountain do you use dealer efficiently? I don’t see it being too good… + 1000% , I don’t use selling now (since there are a lot if legends in my bag already) and 11x won’t change it. So any reason not to take it last? Or just preference (for people who do it?) I see it on 2. Or 3. Spot of ascendance slots.

most Skills with an AoE are affected by the Legend AoE affix. if you want to do a test, just get a few items with AoE on them with Dust or from loot, take off everything besides that affix, and then test your Whirlwind with and without the extra AoE and see if there is a difference.

The Importance of Gold: it is 5 million Gold times the number of the Perk you are getting. so first Perk is 5 million, and the sixth Perk is 30 million, which is a total of 105 million Gold just for the Perks. for players focused on getting Perks, you might not have good Gold finding abilities.

if you want a Rare or Ultra Rare Crystal or Myth Stone for your Build in the Early Game, you spend Gold to upgrade your Crystals & Myth Stones until you get what you need. it also costs lots of Gold to convert Legend+ items to random Crystals.

it costs lots of Gold to convert Legend+ items to Dust. so if you like using Dust to get items for Builds or testing, you are going to spend a lot of Gold.

spending Gold in the Shop. you don’t have to spend Gold in the Shop, but some players use the Shop to make the game easier (map), fun (vanities or changing the look of your pet), or farming (buy all Equipment items, Crystals, & Myth Stones). depending on what you are doing in the Shop, you could be spending a little or a lot of Gold.

Dealer: New Players can improve their Gold easily just by putting Skill Points into Fortune Skill. that way they don’t have to worry about losing a Gold Find affix when changing their Equipment when they level up or find better items.

New Players that go for their first Perk usually have 5 million Gold by the time they get that far, unless they didn’t do any research and spent all the Gold along the way. getting Fortunate Perk improves Gold Find & Luck, which gives a New Player going for Perks more and better Gold & Loot without changing their Equipment that is optimized for Ascending.

now, I got Dealer for my fourth Perk. at that time, with the Ascending Build I had, I knew that I wouldn’t have enough Gold to get the fifth and sixth Perk right away, that I would have to farm for Gold for awhile to get those Perks.

players who like experimenting with Builds, or just making new Builds for the fun of it, will spend lots of Gold, so Dealer will come in handy.

basically, if you don’t have a Gold problem, then don’t worry about Dealer until you are ready to choose it.


Basically what @Golem says.

haha, this is a story I wrote after Patch 3.0 came out. I started collecting Dust, but ran out of Gold all the time. I didn’t have a Farm Build and actually wasn’t playing DQ seriously. it was a few months later that I started Ascending for Perks and playing DQ seriously.

there are a few old post about players who never got Perks, because their Farm Builds were giving them all the loot they needed. so players don’t really need Perks, but they do improve many parts of Farming and Loot finding.

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