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Anyone figured a way to turn -xp values to positive values for exp gain? Surely one of you know? I don’t know yet O.o

What -xp values?

in my theory need a mythstone exp and affix exp xD

Got a small question about my Scopio hatchet … not sure which weapon Dmg i should use …

What should i use

  • 50% weapon DMG
  • 20% Ice DMG
  • 5000 Weapon DMG
  • 5000 Ice DMG

You won’t be able to roll 50% Weapon DMG as your Epic affix, because % Weapon DMG is already a Legendary affix. The other choices are valid though.

5000 weapon damage if you plan to use Toss very often
5000 ice damage if you are going to use your mainhand weapon

Give it to me :smile:

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So got a another question is it worth to use the Gowthers Insight(Ring) form the seven deadly sin set becouse of the
+100% Fire DMG or is frostbiting better ?
Secondly is it possable or will it be possable to remove the set bonus from a seven deadly sin set part ?
Is it worth to take the + 100% Fire Dmg for 2 affixes less ?

-100% fire is better
-yes you can remove the set affix
-id rather hunt for another ring than waste 2 slots and waste some crystals on it.

no u cant couse its a negative affix on it so u cant apply Quartz to it … :frowning:
They could really change this i mean u should even be able to delete it with Kyanite couse its like a normal set affix …

so this is how the ring looks right now:

Any advice for a good Bloodmagic combo ( i dont use bleed build ) ?
Mindful doesnt work with bloodmagic …
( i have permafrost frozen ballista and terrashaper sets … using a hammer and hatchet) so scalp to taunt them then spamm earthstatter :smiley:
would be awesome if someone knows a nice combo with this sets …

You should probably follow f00kee’s advice of finding another ring. If you really need the 100% Elemental Damage in ring slot, try Cognition, part of Cerebral Vortex set. It’s a wizard item though, so drops for wizards primarily. I think the Cardinal Sins set doesn’t work well with other sets since you can’t remove the negative affix, you need several pieces to activate the dependent affix and it sets your +All Skills to 0.

edit: Damn I was too late, you already have it :smiley:

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Ty for the info didnt know this ring yet :smiley:
@Riffmaster u know any helmet with 100% Elemental DMG ?

Yeah. The new Aethereal and Epiphany helm pieces have that. Check the Codex in game for further details :smiley:

I’m sensing quick ascensions to Eternal League, haha.

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Tommorrow next season? Will they change vanity rewards? I didn’t get poison vanity yet(

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yep march 1 is the date that steiger said,

Started farming that poison vanity and that’s what I’m facing everytime(met him 3 times)

go check his gears

Wat, can u get poison vanity now? I thought that was som beta tester stuff.

You can unlock poison aura in BA if you reached arena level 20 on patch 2.1