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Any of the farming masters can help me out by answering these questions?
1)Does Luck or Gold Find affect the rarity of how many crystals drop or the rarity of crystals that drop?
2)Where is the best floor range to farm crystals?
Thanks in advance :wink:

hi anyone knows if ignore resist and effective mythic stacks? i found double and triple resist enemies too hard to kill with my build eventhough the dmg output crits at around 600+b or 4 digits B. thanks.

ano question what app is best to video capture while i play dq on ipad?

Perfect, that is the info I was looking for :).

@tom2016 also:

  • Gold find only rises the amount of gold dropped.
  • Item drop increases the amount of items dropped, only that.
  • Luck increases the rarity of the dropped items. Magic < Rare < Epic < Legend < Eternal/Crystal.
  • Eternal (green) means it’s a legendary item with base quality 50%, and you cannot change any of the affixes. Crystal (light blue) means that the Legend has one crystal affix.
  • Purple means that a Mythic has been put into the item.
  • Crystal rarity is increased slowly with the floor level. I’m currently at floor 1.2k+ but Obsidian etc. almost never drop. It’s a lot better to farm at levels 250-850 or so with Eternalized or Crystalline Set (preferably at level 5) and then convert the found Eternal/Crystal Legends to Crystals for 500k. With my gear I find almost the same Legends at any given floor over and over again, you need floor 750 to be able to find all Legends.

Hope I could help a bit, Mid.

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Thx a mil,that helped alot!:heart:

So These set affixes like crystalline can be found by luck on legend and eternal Drops? And I need 5 equips with this affix or what do you mean by lvl 5?
Thaanks for your help :slight_smile:

You can find equipment with crystalline on floors 350+ and the difficulty mythic 3 and the poster meant by lvl5 as when the affix is (5) Crystalline which can be obtained by having at least one crystalline item and then a nadroji amulet/ring and or an elixir mythstone
Edit:Luck gives you more chances to get crystalline items at floors 350+

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That’s it :)!

Your right about the gold find. Same with luck.

Item drops increase item drops such as crystals, weapons,mythstones, armours,legends and hp/mp orbs as well as an increase in gold drops which is good combined with gold find.

Also it goes really good with luck as well item drops does because luck increase rarity of item (possibly increase chances of item being legend drop) and item drops makes more of them drop.

Luck and item drops also extremely good with nadroji, crystalline and eternalized.

Since luck can increase chances for legend drops and item drops increase drops for more chances, luck would go good with these farming sets.

Once a legend drops, immediately these sets take place (also the treasured perk) and increased legend drops means more chance to find eternals, crystal legends and even rare legends thanks to those farming set affixes, luck and item drops.

How does the system determine what element a proc’ed skill will use? I thought if you proc a MH skill like twister, it would inherit the element of your MH weapon and if you proc an OH skill like sentry, it would inherit the element of your OH weapon. But it isn’t working that way when I checked.

Proc skill elements are based entirely on your main hand element unless you have prismatic or ascendant (cannot confirm for sets that will proc a skill) hope that helps :smile:

I have a question…
So, I have one piece of Nadroji (amulet) equipped on my main. My hireling has three pieces of Eternal gear equipped on him. Let’s say in an exaggerated hypothetical…
I run 10 floors, right? My main might get one eternal to drop, whereas my hireling gets like six.
So I guess my question is this: Does eternal attract eternal? Or is my Hireling just that awesome? Lol

I think I might be able to answer this.
I once equipped a pistol that had torrent or some kind of twister proc on it. My body piece has the ascendant perk, giving me prismatic… and the little tornado things would change elements, too. More often, my main element would show up, but every now and then it would change.

No, eternal doesn’t attract eternal. It’s just RNGesus favoring your hireling.

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does elemental crit damage adds a lot of damage to the final damage calculation? what benefits do we get from these?

Can Elemental Critical happen on elites? I feel like I’ve spammed at some lone epic/legend/mythic enemies for a long time without any poison clouds showing up.

I know they can be damaged by clouds spawned from normal enemies, but I feel like they never spawn when it’s just the elite.

They can be spawned on any enemy but there is at least a 3 second cooldown before you can cause another and if they already have the element on them they have a tendency not too get elementally crited :smile:

It makes it take so long to kill them with a Plagued build and the legend guy spawns after everything else in the map is dead ><

Yeah but it is super important for performance if it wasn’t there what happens with cerebral vortex in arena would happen with poisen clouds and they can already cause lag as it is