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Guys what are the best set of mythic items for farming in loot?


I already know luck % is broken.

While farming with Wizard as Hireling, is it possible for them to loot an Epiphany? Or does he have to be main hunter?


Yes it will be possible :smile:


Oh… I’ve just discovered the quests on Google Games.


1- can I accept more then one at the same time?
2- how long do the rewards last exactly?
3- can I see the progress in-game?
4- does the “hunt for monsters” quest spawn special enemies? Otherwise, how can we find legendary ones?


Yes - i accepted all of the quests at the same time.
Don’t actually know. I finished the quests, but never noticed a symbol anywhere, letting me know that the reward was active.
Not as far as I know. But you could check the progress the same place where you accept the quests. Eg. 13/25 epic mobs.
As I said - never noticed anything different during or after I took the quests.


This really depends on each one. The duration is shown when you start a map just like the free random boost feat you complete.

I believe most being 5 - 15 mins.


Thank you.
Btw it would be easier to accept all quest in block.
I hope that the devs will also implement some in-game feedback like for the achievements.


HI! What do you mean feedback like the achievements?

As far as the google quests, our hands are tied as far as what we are allowed to do within the google play system, but will look into it!


Uh, I meant like the popups that appear when you levelup your Google Games account.
It would be useful to see the status of the accepted quests from the game.
In any case, thanks!


Ahhh! Ok I understand what you mean. Have a google play games pop up showing you the progress toward the quest goal.

I am not sure what our options are there but I have a note on my end to look at any new features google may have added to their quests feature in google play games.

Thanks for the explanation!


Is it possible to do these quest on an iPhone? I have achievements on my google games but I don’t see quests.


I believe that on iOS the quests are called Feats and can be found in the Codex.

Ascension also becomes available in the store when you hit level 99.


Ooh it’s the feats that makes sense. Thanks


Btw, after how long do the quests come back? I’m stuck with the same ones for now.

Also, the gold quest felt wrong: it was 2M, but it updated slowly like it was 20M? :open_mouth:


They start again on monday at 12:00 AM CST (i think gmt -6)


Hello i would like to ask a few questions

  1. which mythic is better for a bow type (guided shot) rogue. exposed or skilled?
  2. Does living force have an effect for the guided shot?

many thanks

  1. If you’re prioritizing guided shot skilled
  2. no

hope that helps :smile:


Re living force, found this on forums. Not sure if it’s still accurate

Skills that work w Living Force:

Rogue: Boomerang Whirlingblades
Wizard: Pierce Orb Barrage Comet
Warrior: Toss Scalp Throwsword
Mythics: Cosmic orb Rockblast


^should be :smile:


How do you find legendary monsters in maps? (for the quest)
Are Bosses that type?