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  1. Try your luck to get a map on floor 290
  2. It is not possible


You need to randomly convert a map to as close to your desired floor as possible and then just complete floors until you get to the floor you want. I usually keep a spare map of certain floors on a mule so I can farm that floor but always repurchase a map to stock it for next time right away. I keep a floor 501 map to use when I get the monster bonus and for general farming purposes.

You can’t change a map’s difficulty but you can just buy a map on the level you want and convert it up. It will randomly increase up to the maximum floor that character can access.


Quick question : The Equality Set work on flat HP/MP value or HP/MP % value ?
Like if I have 1k HP/100k MP, does Equality take effect ?


Equality increase DMG and Regen by BALANCED HP/MP meaning you must have literally Balance Legend Affix OR divide your Hero Stats in to 2 HP and Mana or use Mana and HP Based Set Affix and put HP and Mana 7500 till they have balanced. Much better to use Balance Legend so you can save slots. :blush:


Toot :arrow_double_up:


SO it need flat HP/MP value right ? I thought it depend on HP/MP % :joy:


It is flat equality


Total HP/MP% must be flat. Not Normal HP/MP. I guess you find it correct


Balance is 50% Total HP/MP.


Equivalence + Equality ftw then? Equality is at full effectiveness at 100% equality that equivalence provides.

If you’re at 2/3 equality, equivalence will only give 66.6% of the full requirement. So instead of 37.5% DMG at (5), it’s 25% and same for Regen buff. Equality is a nice affix but requires good measures. That means it works very well on HP%/MP% Equality.

Total equality of MP and HP% to 100% is equivalence. Some less than that like having it count up to 50% equality, the set will be half as effective for example.


Having x5 Balance Legend Affix + Equality Set Affix + Equivalence is like having 2x PtL and 1x Barbarian. And when the draw happens, Power increase is very high.

P.S. As I had experienced. :blush:


This was literally gonna be my question when I logged in here now. TF it was clarified. :joy:

Shot dots.


so may I ask is there a cap for ED% damage ? …like 300% ?, i already have 300% ED damage and 15k ED flat dmg, so 20% ED dmg epic affix help ?..or it does nothing since i’ve reach the max cap ?


There is no cap for ED%. Your ED% above would be 320%.


oh thanks :D…


Did Scooty Mc Guu get a promotion? :astonished:


Does this ever happen to anyone…?

I’m using a Sapphire to reroll an epic affix on my pet but - went from prismatic to bleed DMG then CRT chance and then finally CD reduce.

Now whenever I reroll, when I mean whenever I mean I’ve spent more than 200 crystals and no matter what unless I use a Topaz, all I reroll is bleed DMG, CRT chance or CD reduce. Nothing else whatsoever. :confused: this is even after I use a Topaz and then apply a Sapphire to the same affix, all I get are those three. Is this normal or am I being trolled by the finest??
The pet is Jester the Trickster. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


RNG god trollin on you mate. Just bad luck :grin:


JUST bad luck? :confused:

Why don’t they just take my name and castrate my inners while they’re at it. Whoever ‘they’ are. :expressionless: my soul feels no different. :joy:


Ohm may I ask that is there a cap for move speed, like 50% on the stats page and another invisible 50% which is make it 100% ( which i’ve read somewhere in the forum)… Because i’m actually having 120% ms now so is that mean i’m having 20% useless affix or it will count to dmg anyway ( i have momentum)…?