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Do not worry, i experience that too.

I just use topaz to have a lot of other choices


ah nvm, I’ve test it out now, it’s work lol… so maybe there’s no cap for MS i guess lol


There is a cap on ms. It is 50%
With epiphany it becomes 62.5%

But i guess the ms from adventurer bypasses the cap


My resists stats are orange in color. What does that mean? Cap?


means you have a good amount but not overcapped.


Oh, thanks you. That’s just a little bamboozlement from earlier XD


well I’ve test it out with 120% move speed, and i thought that i’ve 20% useless MS so i’ve change that to 5000 ED, but my damage decrease from 405M DPS to 370M DPS…so…I guess that there’s invisible MS is still working…like my 120%, although the movement reach the cap, like 50% or so, but the damage still goes up


this is the picture…
first with the 120% MS… my damage is 407M DPS

then this is after i change 15% MS affix to 5000 ED. which mean i have 105% MS now…it go down to 349M DPS

so i guess no matter what cap the MS is, the Momentum still count all the MS you have to DMG


After reply for @Alhfan , I found this new member, may I ask that is he good ?..can he PVE or PVP well ?

Sir @Alhfan you’re my lucky charm now :smiley:


Time warp proc with hatchet and sword!! That pet would be awesome at that combination! That is for warrior type. See the affixes. Its good in PVe and PvP hehe


Glad to hear that, man! Congrats! Never had an eternal pet in my dq life lol.

Those are warrior talents, idk about warrior yet :grin:


I think so too


Move speed is 100% cap. 50% is the cap for on gear move speed affix.

100% is the cap overall. You can reach 100% with skills, sets and talents or you can reach 100% move speed by 50% MS affix on gear and 50% MS from skills/talents/sets .
If epiphany, I think it can increase MS Bonus to 150% or maybe it keeps the bonus as the normal 100% cap but the on gear move speed cap becomes 62.5%. Asking the real questions here.

Fun fact; Your character has default 100% move speed but if you add the 100% bonus MS (from skills, sets, talents, affixes) , you can get 200% Move speed or move twice as fast.

For momentum, it only counts the bonus I’m pretty sure so 100% bonus means you get the full 50% DMG+ , but it once counted your own move speed as well as the bonus. 50% move speed at momentum (5) means you achieve 25% increase in DMG instead of the full 50%.

Also you can lose the effect of momentum or lose much damage because of the ice slowing Debuff and in arena, the slow trophy Debuff.

0% move speed means no movement; see Sloth seven deadly sins gear without move speed.


Maybe, but something not right, 15% MS only give u 7% Total Damage, the missing 57M DPS is 16% of ur base dam 350M…


Good eye.


that’s the thing…I don’t know what happened but that’ when I change the 15% MS affix :’(


Weird… is MS is only affix u change atm ? Does Adventure set take effect( u maybe collecting gold ?) ?
Perhap we need pros for this, I hereby summon @CuzegSpiked @f00kee :smile:


Momentum increase your Min and Max DMG by 50% of your Total MS.

So if x4 15% MS that would be 60% + if you have Sprint Skill forgot the MS of it, + Zealotry + Adventurer (MS of this one is not permanent you lose it when no Gold around) so,

60% + 20% Sprint Lvl 20 + 25% Zealotry + 37.5% Adventurer = 142.5% / 2 = 71.25% Increase of your DMG.

I guess Im right and not wrong. :joy: This is how I compute the DMG of my The Running Man Build before.




5000 ED+ is nothing in PVE better to equip 100% ED or MS 15%