The Rise of the Bloody Hell Summoner [Wizard Summoner Maintoon/Hireling Farm Build]


thank you @CuzegSpiked for reading/looking this page. :blush:


You’re welcome :wink: . I will release a build to shock everyone at how good my combo actually is. I will reveal it at 2.3 because I ended up using 2.3 features. The build was always possible but even better in 2.3. This might help you think about more improvement to building in general when you see it too. Also, it’s still not at full potential even after a few months.


PvP? or PvE ? @CuzegSpiked


Pve. But the way I calculate it may also help in pvp. It is using dps formula still, but I calculate it in a different method. It’s cronos method too but I calculate it a little different but similarly to everyone. World would be boring if everyone was exact same.


Is it also Wirzard Summoner? :blush:


No, I wasn’t planning on wizard summoner. The concept of the build can be used for wizard summoner though but I shall tell you more about how the concept works soon. Still, I always wanted to make a good wizard summoner, but I was busy on other builds.


i hope reflect dmg build will also be viable in 2.3 in pve


Try scr pro apk from their website , or try the recorder @darellleyesa used for his/her videos if your android is a good version number. Mine is not compatible with the recorder he/she uses and I believe it’s called game recorder? Trouble is that whenever I record, the videos are so laggy that I have to time lapse to make em seem a little normal. What doesn’t help is that I don’t have the money to afford a better android phone yet to record better. Or I could just have someone in my house use a different phone recorder with the camera app and I use that instead, like @cronos4321 does.


I already have screen recorder but i cant download my video thru phone and data connection because my video is 33MB in size. :disappointed_relieved:


try AZ screen recorder


Mine is 100+ MB :sweat_smile:


used He/his. and never she/her. thanks man!


@marwinberna Any update on the video?



Im just using phone and right now our city is facing low internet connection because of heavy rains. But I will update you if I already download the video.:blush:


hmm heavy rain… @marwinberna are from PH? luzon or visayas?


Im at Tarlac City @roykiyoy.

I tried everything to download the video in this forum but still when going to 100% it always says an error when downloading the video.

I try to download the video on youtube but my connection is not good even in wifi/data.


@marwinberna lucky u. its raining hard der … its freakin hot here in mindanao im from davao city btw haha

how about u post ur vid on youtube then paste the url link here


You can’t upload videos straight to here I have tried before try useing that’s what I used :slight_smile: hope that helps you out


Im trying to upload it to Youtube but still no hope to finish the download. Connection lost every 1 - 2 min … And also cant download via Phone to PC because I dont have USB Cable to Transfer files… Sad Life :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


Sorry to hear that really am mate