The Rise of the Bloody Hell Summoner [Wizard Summoner Maintoon/Hireling Farm Build]


@marwinberna use ur email send the video der den open ur email on the pc u want to transfer it


The awaited video. Hope have fun and enjoy

I die once because when going Elem. Crit. my Phone going laggy and sometimes freeze. :joy:

My Hireling Warrior Die always because its setup is for PvP lazy to change setup everytime .:sweat_smile:




Omg thank you!!


that video is already 2 weeks old. :smile:


@marwinberna really nc build bro nc idea giving life to summoners.


Great build idea. survival rate is high but clearing the map is pretty slow


Very nice :slight_smile:


Good job :thumbsup:


@darellleyesa. Thanks for the opinion. Yes I already figure out that thing. Thats why I change 2x 5000MP to 2x +5000 ED or 1x GC and 1x + 5000ED… And change Helm Talent to Amplify… Change Reclaim to Empower and Inferno Set Affix can also change to Momentum so can have almost 2M+ Max DMG.

Feel free to change some affixes to increase DMG.


By the way, doesn’t the talent diffusion, “30% of damage diverted to minions”, mean that 30% of the damage that you take, goes to minions? That is supposely what diverted means.
If it was "Minions’ damage is increased by 30% of your ‘stats’ ", then that would be what you described it to be.


@Violetisfat either one of your opinions are correct. But my idea is 30% of my dmg is shared to my minions… But I think the one that you said, 30% of I received DMG, goes to my minions is the correct one? Haha. Maybe should we ask @Clogon for the correct answer.


You are correct. The skill reduces damage taken and transfers it to your minions.


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