The Rise of the Bloody Hell Summoner [Wizard Summoner Maintoon/Hireling Farm Build]

Hey guys!!!.. This is kinda weird but YES I’ve created a NEW Build/Meta using the Wizards Minions… So lets start…


Before you will ask a question from me I will already answer some. :blush::blush:
I know every questions will starts at WHAT? HOW? WHY?

First is WHAT?

  1. What is this Bloody Hell Summoner Build?
  • Ok I was inspired to create this build because I dont see any builds using summons in this forum.
  1. What the hell am I thinking?
  • Oh yes… Just got boring on my tons of Crystals thats why I use some of it .:grin::grin::grin:

3)What will be the position of this build?

  • It can be a Maintoon or Hireling. Being a Maintoon is a bit challenging when tapping the skills. And being a Hireling is good for lazy people .:joy::joy:
  1. On what floor this build can fight without dying?
  • When I use this as Maintoon and a hireling of Warrior, I climb up to 1200 Floor M3… Can still kill Cartographers but 50% of Map just cleared… And when use this as Hireling, can clear 500 to 1000 Floor M3 very very very fast… Later you will know.

Next is HOW?

  1. How did you know that this build is good?
  • I already tested it non - stop one night and got a reward of eyebags. :scream_cat: Tried and tested again and again with the help of others opinions.
  1. How this build get rid of enemies when Pack Size 150% ?
  • Just simple, Nova + Blisterring + DoT = Phone Freeze . :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: And also Summons, Command and Fury can do Elemental Crit.
  1. How your Minions doesnt die on High Floors?
    -By the use of BloodMagic. Thats why this build called Bloody Summoner. :grin::grin::grin:

Lastly is WHY?

  1. Why use this kind of Set Build ?
  • This Set is not just for FUN it is also for KILLING :scissors::zap::zap::zap:
  1. Why this Set Build ?
  • Ok this is answer why…
  1. Why you can go to high floors and can clear Maps on M3? Other says Summoner Build is the Weakest.
  • Yes Summoner build is the weakest IF you dont have enough resources Like Crystals to Manage new Meta :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:. And Summons and Commands and Furies will have same HP as you when you use BloodMagic. They also have high DMG because of the Talent Diffusion. 30% of DMG diverted to Minions.

:cyclone::cyclone::cyclone::cyclone:-- We go to the next topic the Breakdown of the Set Build --:cyclone::cyclone::cyclone:


°Spirit Master - Increase number of Summons by 2 and Increase the Level of Summon and Command (Total Summons are 9 + Skullshield = 10)

°Summoner - Increase Summoner Talents by 10 and increase Summon Affixes by 38%

°Adventurer - Increase DMG and Movemnt Speed by 37.5% when Gold Indicator is ON.

°Inferno + Vampiric Touch - Fire DoT + Bleed DoT dont like it to see enemies burned while bleeding? Also heals 1% HP when enemy bleeeds :smiling_imp:

°Satyr’s Spirit + Aethereal Drain - Combined with BloodMagic your MP will become HP… Also for Gold Find Rate and Elemental Crit. When Elemental Crit spams, heals 1% HP


°Apocalypes - Summon 3 Furies
°Nova - Elemental Explosion
°Summoner - Increase Reduce DMG by 3% every summon on your side.
°BloodMagic - Thats why it is called Bloody Hell Summoner. :blush::blush:


° 225% Gold Find x 3 = For Satyr’s Spirit Affix and Adventurer. And also High chance to rain Golds​:umbrella::umbrella::umbrella:

°75% Total MP x 2 = Use for BloodMagic


°Push the Limit x 2
°Poison DMG% x 3
°Weapon DMG% x 1
°Blight x 3
°Ignore Resist
°Glascannon x 1


+5000 MP x 2
+5000 Poison DMG x 2
+5000 Weapon DMG x 1


°Prowess - Increase DMG of Minions by 75%

°Boost - Increase Minions Movmnt Speed and Attack Speed by 30% ( I use this rather than Sacrifice because my Minions doesnt die a LOT)

°Diffusion - 30% of you Wizard DMG will become the DMG of your Minions ( My minions can deal billions :laughing::laughing:)

°Reclaim - 30% chance to summon Skullshield (Best Defense)


All are set to Elements


This build can farm atleast 500 to 700k Golds per run because of the Gold Find Affix.

If someone or somebody didnt understand what did I say PLEASE feel free to ask so I can improve my build. :blush::blush::blush:



Hireling Setup

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@SilentKiller Take a look at this bro.

awesome job great guide. definitely worth a try. even though im not fan of summons i like the guide though.

keep it up more fun new builds guys.

Great Job

It seems to me that most builds/ideas seems to work well with poison or relatively green garden related.

However, kudos to your work dude. Would be interesting if someone manage to make out a fire summoner.

Once again, great job on your build. It sure looks fun. Cheers!

I forgot to mention :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

This Set Build is suitable for any Element Combination just add Ignore Resist dont know where to put it. :smile:

@Leaf Oh yes I already made a Fire Type Summoner.

By the way I have a names for them by elements.

  1. Bloody Summoner (Original)

    • Uses Plagued + Druidic like the Green Graden Build … Fast clearing because of Plagued Affix
  2. Bloody Snow Summoner

    • Uses Permafrost + Frozen like the Hachimon Build… Tanky One because of Permafrost and its like Christmas :snowflake::snowflake::snowman::snowman:
  3. Bloody Hell Summoner (Already In Use)

    • Uses Inferno + Vampiric Touch
      This build is awesome combine with some cosmetics like Demonic Glow, Fire Aura and Fire Eyes . :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: Like Hell is Real. Hahaha.

I dont have build in Shock and Celestial Elements they dont have a Perfect Combination like the said above :top:

The Bloody Hell Summoner

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Lovely! You sure have tons of stones for trying builds.

Kudos for your dedication on the game and your kindness to share your build.

This community sure needs peeps like you.
Once again, thank you for sharing.

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Nice guide bro , did you tested using the void tome affix and the one ring affix? I think if you use those affix minions can have more hp and power , i will more the build make mage tank only and minions killing creeps hahah

I tested it but it just give low DMG and HP thats why I use BloodMagic… Minions HP and DMG are depends on the Wizards DMG and HP so when I use BloodMagic… the minions HP and DMG become high :grin:.

And oh yes my minions are the one who kill all the enemies… Furys are like Skulldraga…

When im clearing the Map I have 9 + 1 = 10 Summons… Hahaha.

Apocalypse = 3 Furys
Summon = 5
Command = 1
Reclaim = 1 Skullshield

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nice nice nice.

Paying homage to the underdog.

Love it.


Thank you @Skaul :blush:

This is probably funny as hell build :smiley:
One thing i could propose is to switch druidic set for momentum for example. You don’t have any regeneration and the regen from hero points is removed by aethereal drain.

Yes @Msiiek thats why Im using Bloody Hell Build (Inferno+Vampiric Touch) and thanks for concern I appreciate what you said. :blush:
Im just using Aethereal drain for the Total MP Affix. And in my opinion when Elemental Crit spam I heal 1% and when Bleed spams too I heal 1% and it is equivalent to 2% Heal :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Just my wild opinion on my build .

Due to of some good people here in forum who let me realize some flaws of my build. I change some of them.



2 Heroes + 1 Command + Skullshields(3 skulls) + 3 Fruys + 5 Summon Minions = 14 + 2 Pets = 16 Adventurers killing and clearing the Map :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

When minions go crazy (even no enemies)

gameplay vid would be nice

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I dont know what app to use to make a video recording :disappointed_relieved:

Didn’t realise this was possible but I knew they had some form of potential in the right hands. Still, when you know how to calculate most dmgs by math, it’s so much easier to create high dmg version of any build, with the knowledge of many aspects of DQ. Another build to prove some people wrong, keep em coming.