The Running Man Warrior Build (PvP & PvE 2 in 1)

Hey guys. Im a fan of this game and I think its been couple of months since I start playing this game. By the way I want to share a build on you guys. I created many Set Build but this one I think is the best. 2 in 1 in just 1 set. What do you think. :slight_smile: Ok lets start

Ok so this how it works… Literally it is called Running Man build because it is inspired by the Running Man Challenge and the GreenGarden of @cronos4321. . This Set can 1 hit an Eternal or Legendary Boss at Floor 1800+ by just using Sprint and Run all the way. I dont have a picture of crit but as of now the highest crit I saw was 432691.463B . 1Hit Eternal Boss…

Zealotry x5 - 25% Inc DMG and Move Speed
Momentum x5 - 50% Inc Dmg * Currnt MS
Aethereal Drain x5 - 25% Elemntal Crit + 62% Inc Total MP
Pathfinder x5 - 62.5% of Dodge = Rdce DMG and Inc DMG
Druidic x5 - 125% HP/MP Regen. DoT/4000
Plagued x5 - 125% Inc Total HP Armor. 125% DoT ea enemies.

Zealotry + Momentum = Total Running Insane :joy_cat: look at this

DMG at Steady Mode:

when starts running:

and when use Sprint as Insanity Buff:

see how DMG increase. You can change the Set Affix of Armor to Equality to increase Regen and DoT DMG also you can put Set Affix on the OH.

Ok this is just farming mode.

Now WHY this set affixes? 1st Zealotry and Momentum Combo is totally Insane. Nxt The Pathfinder… At high floors like 1800+ Myhtic 3 Dodge or Blocks is the best affix. Pathfindet is Rduce DMG and Inc DMG also when your Dodge is at max cap 60% as you can see I only have Small amount of HP bcause of 46% Glasscannon thats why Pathfindr helps a lot.

Next is Druidic and Plagued Combo. This is Green Garden Combo of @cronos4321. Just do your maths. Thats why my set can deal trillions of crits. Dont worry of Crit Chance. At farm mode you always spam Crits .:smile_cat: Also in PVP base on my experience. If you want to ask why Aethereal Drain? Ok just the Legend Set Affix . And the elem crit chnce by the way I will change that in Equality Set Affix soon just farming Crystals​:joy_cat:

Armor - Aethereal Drain - Wiz
Ring - Cerebral Vortex - Wiz
Neck - Masochist - All class
Helm - Pathfinder - Assasin

We go now at PVP MODE

In PVP my HP is down to 4800+ and my power is playing at 260+ to 500+


Tips: By the way my OH Special Skill is Taunt/Sprint and MH is Earthshatter. I use same combo in farming and PVP. 1st Spam Sprint nxt use Taunt then Earthshatter … And when your lucky Brutal Mythic Affix kicks in Deadly 3x Crit BOOOM!! . Equivalence + Harmony + Sanctuary+ Prayer Talent is a Good combo for Survival. Vanish + Cerebral Vortex is insane trick on PVP. Vanish Mythic is to cast Stealth. Cerebral Vortex is to spam Torrent directly to the enemy. Lastly have the patience to wait for the kill. Its 30sec dont be harsh.:joy_cat:

  1. Long Range Archer/Wiz - Just spam Sprint and Run Circular pattern so if enemy steps on the sprnt path, DoT kicks in. Also I have Talent Toss and Storm Proc and the Torrent proc so even if I cant go on face to face i can deal bleed and poison DoT and Torrent DMG as well. And when the enemy is losing Mana or having small HP and no chance to spam skill go for the kill. Trophy skill+Sprint+Taunt+Earthshatter

  2. Stunner Range Archer/Wiz - Use Trophy Skills and Run,run, dont let enemy catch you. Thats why this build called The Running Man. :joy_cat: Richochet and Meteor Stun is totally will make your self angry but Patience is the virtue wait for the open and get the perfect timing. Always remember the Cerebral Vortex Torrent under the feet of the enemy is Insane.

  3. Spellcaster/Summoner wiz - Always remember the Toss skill and Storm proc and Sprint and Torrent proc. When open go for the skill.

  4. Warrior Whirlwind / Stun - This is where your tactical mind will heat up. Mostly Whirlwind and stunner warrior go to you face to face so you must fight and run use the said combo on the top. You must have Preserverance and Stun Immune so you will not get Cold blooded Warrior​:crying_cat_face:. BUT as I said while ago Cerebral Vortex is very tricky :smile_cat:.

  5. The Blinkstriker Rogue - Ok Ok Ok. Some are not tough as other Rogue but when you face a tough one. Just spam sprint+Earthshatter+Smash+Taunt. all the way. Thats all :see_no_evil:

  6. The Tanker - Oh come on just spam skill all the way… This set Poison and Bleed DoT so dont worry. Just Runn!!!

If I forgot something or you want to ask somethin just let me know. Pardon and sorry for the Guides Im not good at. Hopefully @Refia will appreciate this…

Thanks for @cronos4321 for the Idea … Your the Man.


I didnt capture the 760 Trillion Crit my screen got log when using the Green Garden Effect. But I capture this one :smiley:

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I have actually been working towards the same thing. Still working my way up floors. I am currently 450+ on epic right now as I simply do not have everything that I need yet and high end crystals just do not seem to drop enough. Finally got a Aether chest which I can work on beefing up once I get the crystals for it. I have been running Nadroji x2 and Nadroji bonus just for farming but am about to begin working up final equipment pieces very soon. I had not played since the game first came out so there were many changes awaiting when I returned last week.

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change Armor and OH by this and you will experience 10+ win streak in Eternal League Division 3

by the way its ur option to change the given affix on the armor :slight_smile:
Vanish + Coat + Cerebral Vortex = Enemy Ripped…
Vanish Mythic is Stealth + Blind :sunglasses:

Whats your hp in battle arena ?

I only have 4700 - 4800 but even my HP is small I can last for about 30sec fighting a 150k HP tank on Eternal Div 3 :slight_smile:
60% Dodge + 70% Reduce DMG + Vanish = Good Escape

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Which hero points slots do you put your points into?

Hey GUYS I just editted my Post today… Have patience to read again :heart_eyes_cat:

Just max the Sprint it helps a lot because of the Momentum Set Affix


:smile: already using this build long ago and still using it :smiley: how about put adventurer on it remove your zealotry because your just running all day sprint will take care of the monsters at it is a good match up momentum + adventurer my own advice

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oh thank u for the advice. I just use Zealotry for the movemnt speed also… Adventure also have mvmnt speed + DmG thank you

its it is but adventure only for at pve due to gold show you can still use zealotry for pvp also try to use cognition at pvp it work well :smile:

Yes I use Cerebral Vortex and Defiant in PvP. :smile_cat: …
Oh by the way did u change ur set in PvP? or Still you use the same? … Can you kill in PvP when online? Or you just wait for the draw to increase your Power by 25% every draw?

waiting for the draw to increase the power kinda bored game haha and ill create that build to test how much hp does arena have and unli now im stuck i cant improve it anymore due to out of crystals i also use all my crystals on that build lol

From where did you know draw increase your power? I always did forfeit if i wasn ending in draw and couldn’t kill my opponent :smiley:

@Msiiek I read it on Battle Arena FAQ in this forum… And I also test it… :joy_cat: Try to look your Arena Power when your going to Draw. Increasing 25% every draw.r

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try to read all the rules :smiley: also try to go round 5 or higher to see to result

I already gone to Round 8 but still nothing happen because I face a Cheater :sob:…
I saw ur Character on Div3. But still I dont have the luck to face ur character. Maybe someday .:smile_cat:

that dmge is for 6 or more monster in a row…
using taunt. ive always saw that damage when im using taunt that’s why i have taunt proc