The snowman pvp build (revisited)

I’ve already removed the set and am playing with amethyst rolls :slight_smile:

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My hireling

A skullshield summoner that uses storm and scalp and pierce

Arena stats for Dickwad and Frosty the snowman

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I could change alchemy to blood magic and Wear equality for snowman

I’m not sure about pierce.Methinks Wiz Sword just piercing targets as a bullet.So don’t piercing them armor if i remember right.

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let me know if that works, because the way Equality works, I would think you get 0% Damage and Regeneration, since your HP/MP Equality is 0%, 50,000 HP/ 0 MP. if it works by 25,000 HP/ 25,000 MP before Blood Magic turns your MP into 50,000 HP total, then it could work.

When u using BM mp and hp don’t increasing with same way.If u have base 7500 MP and 7500 hp,%20 Total MP just incrases your MP so adds 1500 health to you.So just useless :laughing:

@perseusdoge the 7500 you were using, with Equality Set, @dickwad Equality % would be 100%. the +20% Total MP would drop his Equality % to 83%. if Equality % is figured before Blood magic, then he would have 83% Equality % before the MP was changed to HP with Blood Magic. but if Blood Magic is figured in before Equality %, then he would have Equality % of 0%, since he would have 0 MP and 16,500 HP. so if he had Equality (3) in PVP, he would have 22.5% of the 100%, or 83% if he had the +20% (I think that would be +8% in the Arena) if it worked with Blood Magic. if Blood Magic and Equality don’t work together, then he would be getting 22.5% of 0%.

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Or, you could try Equivalence. The DMG reduction (60% when current HP% = current MP%) is really nice, and you are guaranteed 100% of the Equality bonus, which ought to be nice.

(Like, what’s wrong with equivalence? Is it that your HP effectively gets halved in a way? I still think you should give it a try because the DMG reduction is really effective and may make up for what you lose in HP.)


Tested blood magic and equality on other wizard. More hp regeneration . Damage increase is extremely nice and creates havoc against campers. The 0 mp presents no problems at all. But I think the combo is better for the snowman due to his generally lown defence and hp

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I wonder if Equality considers Blood Magic to be 100% HP/MP % since BM makes HP also Resource, and it is already at 100%. interesting Build ideas and combinations. thanks @dickwad.
@Ircher I had an Equivalence, Harmony, & Equality Farm Build in the Arena, and it did pretty good. maybe I should try an EHE PVP Build and see how it does. that damage reduction is really nice.

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@Golem even though blood magic converts all resource into hp ( and therefore mp becomes 0 ) you still have mp to cast spells if using an high mp/hp regeneration buIld. More exciting though is that any mp regeneration becomes hp regeneration and is added to any existing hp regeneration to create a gobsmacking total. The more epic hp stats you have increases this crazily. Then equality kicks in and translates hp and mp difference into extra damage. Awesome :slight_smile:

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@perseusdoge I agree. Pierce is rubbish and virtually unaim able. I’m stuck with it for this build though.

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@dickwad I think I am going to have to test it out.

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It’s good for my snowman build because i won’t have to remake the whole build. Just craft a equality and blood magic ring.

The eternal poise ring for rogue gives 20 strength, storm proc and equality. Need to get one and jasper to wizard then use for for main wizard :slight_smile:

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Im tweaking the build

I may add legend taunt resist to ring and another legend

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Just had a brainwave @Golem. Bloodmagic increases my base hp because its not a defensive build. So I survive a few rounds. But each round the opponent does more damage and reduces my hp so much that it virtually is equally to my mp. Then equality kicks in and increases my damage and regen. Just a theory. But perhaps bloodmagic is a red herring.

Equality % isn’t based on current HP/MP Equality %. it is based on the values on your Stat Page. so HP/MP of 100/100 is 100% HP/MP Equality %. or 1k/1k or 15k/15k or 25/25. now if for some reason, like you have Glasscannon 50%, then you would have HP/MP 50/100, which would be reducing Equality Set by 50% effectiveness.

with Blood Magic, you would be 200/0 HP/MP. with Equality, the question would be does Equality consider the 200/0 HP/MP from Blood Magic so be 100% HP/MP Equality % or 0%? same for the 50/100. is it considered 100%, 50%, or 0% HP/MP Equality % when it is converted to all HP?

the extra damage you get from your HP going down is all from the 200% of missing HP% from Blood Magic. unless you have Defiant on your Build also.

what I need to do is a test with only Blood Magic on my items, test out different amounts of MP & HP, and switch in & out an item with no affixes with Equality Set to see if there are any changes in DMG.