The snowman pvp build (revisited)


One time I have used vampiric touch then my hp Regen gone zero but when I used it together with an item with bloodmagic my mp Regen became my hp Regen even though vampiric touch doesn’t allow any hp regen, so maybe I’m thinking that equality may have been considered before applying the effects of bloodmagic. Cause it still increase my bleed dot effects.


I have a question if that was correct will it allow the mp absorb to become hp absorb
Aahhhh maybe not hhahahaaha


Blood Magic makes MP Regen work like HP Regen, so they are both doing the same thing. but Vampiric Touch doesn’t see MP Regen as HP Regen, so even though it blocks you from using HP Regen, you can still use MP Regen. Legend Regeneration, on Equality Ring & Neck items, is HP & MP Regen, so the HP Regen part is blocked by VT, but not the MP Regen part of it. also, if you have Bleed, Vampiric Touch heals your HP every time you cause a Bleed.

MP Absorb: this does not work with Blood Magic!!! it used to, but it caused lots of problems in the Arena, so it was nerfed to not work with Blood Magic. just do a search on PVP, Battle Arena, Blood Magic, & MP Absorb.


Oh I see thanks a lot that cleared my mind a bit


np, apparently Blood Magic & MP Absorb was very OP.


Yeah imagine the damage converting into hp lol hahaha that would be a one sided match hahahahaha .


My head hurts with too much information lol :open_mouth:


I think vampiric touch would require a really insane hp build to benefit from the set


well, Vampiric Touch can be a problem. not only does it take away your HP Regen, you have to cause Bleed for it to heal you. if you don’t have any other Healing and your Bleed ability sucks, you are in trouble.

@dickwad remember this?


What would masochism set do with vampiric touch ?


Ur hp will below to 50%, vampiric touch heal is suck… its only good for increase hp and bleed damage


Nice work👌🏻


every time you cause Bleed with Vampiric Touch, you heal. it is like HP on Hit or HP Leach, but is a different mechanism. you could use any combination of the 3 if you want.

Vampiric Touch with Masochism means the heals you get from causing Bleed will lower your HP when HP is over 50% and raise it when under 50%. the only reason to use Vampiric Touch with Masochism is if you are also using Defiant, Blood Magic, or both.


Reflect DMG with Bleed. possible? lol.


that is one of the tests I need to do with Reflect DMG, because that would be kind of nice. I know Crit Chance, Crit DMG, Deadly Strike, & Crushing Blow work with it. Elemental Crit doesn’t work with Reflect DMG, which is why a lot of players don’t like using it.


I’ve changed the natures to haste.