The snowman pvp build (revisited)



Thanks to Mrscooty


I hope you all like it @Golem, @ZOMBOY, . It’s an immortal procster :slight_smile: I hope @Mr_Scooty and @curzegpiked approve


@CuzegSpiked pardon my spelling :fearful:


I wonder if you’re wreaking havoc and always win in Battle Arena with that build? Lol.


Lol I have my defeats :slight_smile:


I think u should an OH with Legend ED%.
Druidic,Plagued,Inferno useless for incrase dmg cuz:

Can u see the symbol? Plagued and Druidic just works with Posion Element.Inferno works with Fire Element like Plagued & Druidic.Permafrost works with Ice Element so when u dont use right element they are just trash.
U can use Defiant Skull and change other 2 useless set affixes with spiritmancer and summoner.Remove the hat from build.Mayhem Eternal looks good but u have no Twister proc.I think it must be on the sets like this.I dont like orb proc cuz very useless who can be dumb as deal dmg as orb? I think storm,meteor,twister combo more guaranteed.Also Earthshatter already trash i think.And frozen resist should be on another gear.U should add zenith instead of it.I dont remember completely Extra Attacks can trigger twister,meteor or others but i guess i was tried it and it was worked.
Good Luck :v:


Procs work “every second while attacking” . So 1 attack per second is 1 chance. 4 is 4. Tested it… thanks for the ideas @perseusdoge


Plagued set bonus increases storm damage :wink:


When not active? :thinking:


You need only one set item to activate bonus in pvp unless it requires 3 set items then you need 2


I need to equip plagued pet. Well spotted


Hmm tnx for information.


this is a Cold Build, so he is using the Plagued Set for a boost to total HP and AR, and Drudic to boost HP/MP Regen, not for extra Poison Damage.
@dickwad Equality works off of your Total HP/MP %, not Current HP/MP %. with so much HP from Plagued compared to your MP, you are just throwing Equality into the Arena Blind and without a Sword. not only does it’s damage go down, but the All Regen goes down too.
if you have 25k HP, and 5k MP, that is 20% Total HP/MP %. Equality (3) is 22.5% of the 20%. a 4.5% boost to damage and HP/MP Regen. umm, even if I did the math wrong, the numbers are still bad. this is where I got my info from.


I like the build😇, props to you @dickwad😉, i wont necessarily call this a “immortal build” our a HDR build like some players call this build tipe, i get some ideas for improvement but it will require warrior hero for it!


@dickwad is that Maelstorm Charger from War? convert to wand? thats nice. :sunglasses: what about replacing your pet to Shibe dog. to activate your Permafrost Bonus?


@Golem so basically I could dispose of equality altogether ? Will need a retweak I think :slight_smile: The main reason for using plagued is for the extra storm damage from the bonus, The increase to ar and hp is good. The amount of damage he does is huge compared to my traditional wizard using the immortal build revealed by Mr Scooty which I now use as a tank hireling with this as main


@kiane_zaine The permasfost and druid bonuses activate in the arena with only one item equipped. Ascendent would however require 3 items 3 items in pve. Also, items worn by main characters in pvp seem to help activate hirelings bonuses. :slight_smile:


Good build :smile:. also I’m back and I like the new forum layout, although I find it difficult to reply. Also that https makes the forums easier to find.


unless you increase your MP so the Equality % goes up…the bigger the difference between Total HP and MP, the lower your Damage and Regen boost is going to be with Equality Set.
if HP & MP are equal, you get the full 22.5%. (Equality (3) in Arena)
if HP is 2x MP, you get 11.25%
if HP is 4x MP, you get 5.625%, I think it rounds to 5.6%?
so if this is bad news for you, another Set would be nice. :eyes: