The Spell Sword Hero

for a long time, I have wished for the ability to use a Gauntlet with Comet on it, because Gauntlet does a lot of Damage, but Blast is a short range Skill. the last few days while looking through the Codex and some Items I picked up, I started looking at Spell Sword Set Affix on Warrior and Rogue Legend Items.

now I can put Comet on a Gauntlet!

so I pulled out my Testing Gears and did some experiments and testing with Spell Sword and the four Wizard MH Weapons. (Weapons level 100 with +25% item quality)

Gauntlet does the most Damage of Wizard Weapons, but the MH Primary Skills have an APS of 1.5. together, this gives Gauntlet/Comet the best DPS of the four Weapons (28.0k).

Wand does the least Damage of Wizard Weapons, and MH Primary Skills have an APS of 2.1. together, this gives Wand/Comet the third best DPS of the four Weapons (17.3k).

Staff is second for Damage of Wizard Weapons. the MH Primary Skills have an APS of 1.7. together, this gives Staff/Comet the second best DPS, a little higher than the Wand (22.0k)

Sword is third for Damage of Wizard Weapons. the MH Primary Skills have an APS of 1.8. together, this gives Sword/Comet the lowest DPS (16.4k).

haha, when I was doing this earlier, Wand had a better DPS than Staff, but now it is in third place. guess I was seeing things.

as soon as I can get a few more test equipment ready, I am going to see how much +60% Attack Speed changes the DPS. I think the Comet DPS on a Wand might get higher than Comet DPS for Staff, but the Damage the Gauntlet does might keep it in first place for DPS, even with the slowest APS and +60% Attack Speed.

I also took the Spell Sword Weapons into the map to see how it looks. being used to Comet on a Staff, it was weird seeing it cast slower with a Gauntlet, and kind of exciting at how fast it was being cast with a Wand.

Barrage and Comet both do 100% Weapon DMG, so their DPS was the same. but that shouldn’t be. Comet does 100% Weapon DMG and then does 100% Weapon Damage Explosion (AoE). I think it showed this difference earlier, and now it doesn’t, which is why I was surprised that Wand DPS is lower than Staff DPS now.

lastly, I did look at Spell Sword on Warrior & Rogue Weapons, and they all have different APS too. there were 1 or 2 where the APS for the Comet was lower than the APS of the original Skill. one had an APS of 3, but showed Comet with 1.5. but I didn’t go to the map to see how Comet looked being cast with other weapons. I think I will do that now.

for Wizards, Spell Sword can put Comet & Meteor on any Weapon, and since these are Wizard Skills, can be raised to Skill Level 40.

for Warrior & Rogue, these Skills can only be raised to 20, so these Classes would need find other ways to make up for the loss of the other 20 Skill Points. there are some Builds that have Skills only up to 20, so this might not be as bad as it looks.

anyone using Spell Sword on their Builds want to share what you know? I have been looking through the Forums for info and would like to know more. I really like the idea of using this Set because I really like using Comet. and after researching Spell Sword, I have some new ideas for new Builds using it.


Interesting :sunglasses: I suppose comet could be considered a projectile if using a manashield anti immortal craft. ? Never used spell sword. You are right about gauntlets but I perhaps foolishly gave up on them because of the dreadful skill choices.


Of course , in old duels one person would throw down a gauntlet as a challenge. So the devs of this game ran with the idea and made the gauntlet the most powerful but seemingly useless item in the the game . But if you add spell sword :thinking: just might work.


Regardless of the viability, throwing comets with gauntlets is pretty spectacular.


@dickwad Comet is a Projectile. just about the only downside to using Spell Sword is that you can’t change Meteor to another Special Skill and no boost to Damage. but you get a huge boost to MP & Resist.

also, from what I could see, the Explosion part of Comet doesn’t seem to be part of the DPS equation. or it is part of the DPS for Staff, but not for other Weapons. not sure which, though.

@NUIQUE as far as Damage goes, Gauntlet & Comet is a great combo. the 1.5 APS could be a problem, but the high DMG still gives good DPS. a slow attack speed on a map with high APS monsters gives monsters the edge in attacking you first or in between your attacks. a +60% Attack Speed gives 2.4 APS for Gauntlet. Comet on a Wand goes from 2.1 APS to 3.34, which is 3.3 or 3.4 APS, depending on if it is rounded down or up.

and if you think of the extra DMG using Gauntlet & Poison, Fire, Bleed, or Shock…


I have an headache . Cheers @Golem :yum:


I tried my hand at Crafting my first Spell Sword Gauntlet, and it didn’t go as well as I would have liked. the Spell Sword part of the Build is doing great, but I think I need to put away my stubbornness and plan it out with pencil & paper. the best part of the Build is that this is the first time I have used Barbarian. the worst part is that since this was kind of a Test Build, I didn’t use any Obsidian, and on top of that, I was looking at using this as a template for a Farm Build. but at least I now have a better idea of where I want to go with a Spell Sword Gauntlet Farm Build.

:scream_cat: why does Item Drop have to be so hard to put on my Farm Builds!!? without Item Drop +200%, I can never reach my goal of Golem’s Ultimate Farm Build. :crying_cat_face: it’s like I have to find a Simplification of Crafting that is beyond my abilities! :sob:


Or maybe your on crazy high floors where good drops are fewer ? :roll_eyes:


well, I know I can make a Farm Build that rocks on Very Easy floor 500. it’s making a Farm Build that rocks on M3 floor 500 with 4 spaces for Item Drop +200% that is driving me crazy.

I am beginning to think that my Crafting Dreams for Golems Ultimate Farm Build don’t quite fit into Crafting Reality yet. but I do think that I am going in the right direction.


You will get there oh Jedi master.


I’m the Jedi of summoners and your going to be the Jedi farming master. Then DQ2 will be here and we both start again :sunglasses:


every time I put Item Drop on my items, I end up taking them off for other stuff, which defeats the purpose of putting them on in the first place to make a Farm Build. that’s why I need to think simpler for my Farm Build.

I knew that Crafting wasn’t going to be easy, but I didn’t expect it to be this hard. I should make a Main & Hireling Team called Trial & Error. :smile_cat:


I’d loose item drops in favour of total destruction on high floors. Think finishing the map as quick as you can but on easier difficulties keep item drops. Are you after specific items than can only drop in high mythic 3 floors ?

If so go for a 2 character combo . The luck orientated main with a super destructive hireling to do the work. Example crushing flames. My farmers (both furies freaks took me to mythic 3 1500 and then I stopped). The point being there wasn’t just 2 characters fighting but a potential of 6 to 12 minions .


I feel that a Golems Ultimate Farm Build requires +200% Item Drop to be an Ultimate Farm Build.

I know that Golems Ultimate Farm Build with Crushing Flames & Demonic will have no problem at all on Floor 500-510 M3, but I have been Crafting ideas without either of these to see what is possible, and finding these floors at higher difficulty levels are difficult lessons to learn. I used Demonic with Ice & Frostbitten successfully, just not with +200% Item Drop, so I am trying out other combinations. this is kind of why my Rogue & Warrior Ascending Team has slowed down.


@Golem don’t worry about item drops. Erase it from your mind. Concentrate on luck.


no, no! my Luck is ok, I really need Item Drop! I don’t use Epiphany, so getting Gold Find & Luck to Cap isn’t a problem. getting Item Drop to Cap is a problem. I finally decided to use Crushing Flames and an Execute affix to go with Demonic Set for more DMG to HP when monster Health gets to 25% or less. I hope my idea works out ok. I plan on using Spell Sword as part of the Build with Gauntlet and adding one Explosion for spike DMG.


I recently used Epiphany in a Farm Build, and am now thinking I have a good idea for a Spell Sword Gauntlet Build. I can get +75% Attack Speed, which also can activate the Epiphany Bonus for +75% DMG. I also though of using Angelic Set for another +25% APS & DMG. this would more than make up for Gauntlets lousy 1.5 APS. as you can see, this Build would be focused on using Comet. the rest of the build is still percolating in my brain.

wow, I think I’ll test the Attack Speed part of the Build just to see how it looks. I wonder what the DPS will look like with just this part of the Build? I really want to know, so time for testing! guess farming is going to be put on hold.

got a calculator and I think my APS will be around 3.28. 1.5 x ((1 + 0.75) x (1 + 0.25)) = 3.28 and change. just thought of using Hunger Set (5) and it looks like I could get APS of 4.51 with a free +37.5% Cool Down for Meteor. but I would need to pay attention to my HP & HP replenishment.

Attack Speed Test: using a Gauntlet with Hunger (5), Epiphany (5), Spell Sword (5), Angelic (5), and Attack Speed +75%, the Comets were shooting out so fast it made my heart race :heart_eyes:! I added +2 EAC and it was almost like seeing +2 Multi Attack!. anyways, now I really want to make a better Spell Gauntlet Build with Comets doing the DMG.


falling meatballs crushing enemy is too much fun to watch like a wcreking ball

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