This Subforum Gets Much Love *Wild Doge Appears*


Here is my version of dq Warrior…

This was inspired by my Girlfriend who uses Smash build using Ragnarok and Vengeance.

I kinda made my sketch a bit skinny, still experimenting on body size.

Maybe this is what I think he looks like when he is still young…


that is really awesome. and yay warrior ^^ nice weapon and shield choice :sunglasses:


i need some ideas build uo for warrior.thank you


Hello guys.i want to show you my fan art that still on my progress :smiley:
the first one is my beloved pets [color=#FF0000]RAGE[/color] he is freaking awesome and my second one is my mage.equipped with glove and book and casting command skills.i know the mage doesnt looks very much like in’s just my imagination :laughing: but the outfit and all 100% inspired by DUNGEON QUEST.enjoy


Like the pet rage!


The rage looks awesome :smile:


With new members giving love on this subforum, I think the title should be changed now haha…


Good sketches, refine them more by adding light shades for shadow and dark shades for hollow spots specifically the large gap of the armor and the skeletal arm…


is the title better now? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup!! :smiley:


Cool Rage. Looks like a dragonball character lol.

Much title such wow :laughing:


Pvt. of diieter army :smile:


Pvt. of diieter army :smile:


Pvt. of diieter army :smile:


Such skills :astonished: :open_mouth:


ya 10 out of 10

Pvt. of diieter army :smile:



These drawings tho lmao! :joy::joy::joy:


Revive dis!


Ikr!! Im a fan of art myself! Id love to draw and share my drawings here heheh


I want to draw a character concept hahah