Thousand Meteor Showers

So here’s my final build for my 1000 Poison Meteor Balls!

I am a fan of Aftermath. And this is so far what i loved HAHAHAH.

Feel free to suggest adjustments or whay yihiee!


Woww!! I never see a true Meteor Shower! This is crazy, just imagine how annoyed your enemy in Arena :joy:

So heres my dilemma.
Will this be an upgrade or nah from my old helm to new helm.

Will this be an upgrade? Or shud i change demonic to ascendent? Any suggestion?

HAHAHA just for pve. Not sure to last that long on pvp. Hp, defenses and resists are all too low. But mehn, yes the taunt from meteors is kinda annoying. XD

with Ascendant giving you up to 5 DoT at a time on enemies, that is up to +200% damage from Amplify and you have the +70% from the Bonus. that should more than make up the change from Demonic & the Weaken you lose. do a test run with both and see how they actually compare in a fight in PVE.

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Felt no difference xD. I just kept the demonic set head in bag for future need. Just a question @golem, how is dmg calculated? Between Power and weaken? I am conflicted between choosing empower and weaken.

Found an old post that guess into super deep detail about damage calculations. There was another one that was a little bit simpler I remember seeing a while ago, bit I couldn’t find it. I’ll try to give you a bit if an answer though. The calculations for damage on hit are very complex, but essentially: empower increases your Power stat in damage calculations, and Power increases the base damage of a weapons type by that amount (every weapon type in game, gauntlet, sword, staff, etc, has a specific base damage used for all calculations. For example, If your weapon type has a base damage of 60, and your power is at 100, that weapons base damage is now 160. This value is then increased by all of your other affixes and stats in various ways. Weaken affects enemy resistances, which are calcuted at the very end of damage calculations. So, I think it kinda depends on your build, but I Believe Weaken would generally be more effective simply because it is a higher percentage per affix.

I don’t haver time right now, but I will try to do some testing tonight too get more exact figures on the differences.


in that post, everything up to flat ED+ (+5000 ED dmg) is calculated. this is what is known as Weapon Damage. all other damage is calculated off of it.

Empower affects your Power Stat. so if you have Empower 20 and 100 Stat Points for 7500 dmg. from Power… 7500 x 1.5 (from Empower 20) = 11,250 in the Power Stat part of the formula/equation.

Demonic affects an attacks damage when enemy HP is 25% or lower. Demonic (5) is +100% dmg. or 2x damage.

for Weaken, find out what your Weapon Damage is and then use the Weaken and Element formula and then figure out all other damage from that.

lets see how this looks with an Ice weapon on an Ice Map.

level 100 staff Ice Element.

BWD is
45 x (1 + (100/4 or 100 x 0.25)) x max (1, 100/20) = (max means using the higher number)
45 x (1 + 25) x max (1, 5) =
45 x 26 x 5 =
BWD (Base Weapon Damage) is 5850.

for DPS we are going to use Legend WD% and Epic +5k WD+ with 2 Legend ED% with max Item Quality for a Legend Item. also 100 Stats in Power with Empower 20.

DPS is

(((BWD + Power) x (1 + IQ) x (1 + WD%)) + WD+) x (1 + ED%) + ED+ =
(((5850 + 11250) x (1.25 x 3)) + 5000) x 3 = (not using +5000 ED for now)
((17100 x 3.75) + 5000) x 3 =
(64125 + 5000) x 3 =
69125 x 3 =
DPS is 207375. if you don’t use Empower 20, Power would be 7500.
Comet 100% Weapon dmg is 207375 + 207375 Explosion.
Meteor 750% Weapon dmg is 1,555,312.5 + 388828.125 every 0.25 seconds for 2 seconds (total of 1,555,312.5 x 3 dmg)

if you had one +5000 Ice…
(69125 x 3) + 5000 =
207375 + 5000 =
DPS is 212375. if I took off the +5000 WD+ it would take three +5000 Ice to make up for the damage loss in this particular build.

Ice Map with our Ice Weapon & +90% Weaken.
207375 x ((0.5 x (1 + 0.9)) = (0.5 is Ice Weapon doing half dmg on Ice Map. 0.9 is from Weaken)
207375 x (0.5 x 1.9) =
207375 x 0.95 =
90% of attacks on Ice Map is 197006.25. 10% of attacks is 103687.5. in the equation, you would use 1 on Poison & Shock Maps and 1.25 on Fire Maps instead of 0.5 when using an Ice Weapon.

as you can see, this is what the numbers look like with Empower 20 & +90% Weaken together. if you adjust the damage in the top part to not have Empower and plug it into the Weaken/Element equation, you can figure out the difference between using Empower and Weaken separately.

the hardest part of figuring out damage is making sure you have all the different damage multipliers and the different lines of damage and having them in the correct order. some damage is situational, like the changing damage from Bloodmagic when your HP goes up and down.


That first link is actually the one I was trying to find! I thought it was one of your’s, but I couldn’t seem to find it.


I couldn’t figure out the DPS & BWD formulas in the Codex, so I did a ton of searching to find answers. I then posted the answers I found plus the Base Damage of all Weapons so other Players could figure out what their builds damage might be.

if you can, bookmark it for later so it’s easier to find. I have tons of bookmarks now.

one good thing about knowing what your Skills damage is doing is that it’s possible to figure out what your true DPS is, especially when you have DoT’s and multiple Elements and temporary multipliers (like Frostbiting only lasting as long as an enemy is Frozen by an Ice Elemental Critical) or using MH & OH Skills together or when using a bunch of Procs. not to mention DPS with Critical Hits.


Spent about an hour running the numbers, and unfortunately still don’t have a definitive answer. I’m assuming you mean that you are trying to decide between an epic +10 Empower affix and an epic (or mythstone) +30% Weaken affix. A crystal Weaken affix is always better than +10 Empower, unless you would be exceeding the cap for Weaken. Also unless I completely screwed up my math, lol.
If you already have 20 Empower on your Amulet, a +10 Empower affix should increase damage ~ 9.5-14%, depending on weapon type. A +30% Weaken affix should increase damage ~ 9-21.5%, depending on how much Weaken your already have. If you have no other Weaken affixes, a +10 Empower should always be better (also, you probably shouldn’t use Weaken at all without at least one crystal Weaken affix, using just epics it takes a lot of slots to see big differences) If you have one crystal Weaken affix, a +30% Weaken is always better. At any other level of Weaken… it depends. I wouldn’t stress it too much though, as for all those middle options, you’re only looking at a difference of about 5% on the high ends.

Hope this helps you (or anyone else reading this in the future) at least a little bit. Again, it’s definitely possible that I’m wrong on some of this; but until Golem comes along with his divine revelations, this is the best I’ve got, lol.


Divine revelations HAHAH. Thank u all for the numbers @vvyvern and @golem

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for a comparison testing, or at least figuring it out on paper or calculator…

I would first start with the level 100 BWD of the weapon to be used with IQ +25% with +200% WD and +200% ED. this would be my base damage to compare with the others. just about all of my builds have this for a minimum, except for the weapons that don’t have +200% WD, in which case I would use +100% WD.

then figure out the damage possible with Power at 150 & 200 with Empower 20 & 40 respectively. (each point in Power is 75 damage, so 200 Power would be 15k damage)

then figure out the damage possible with Weaken +90% and Weaken +120%. if you have Effective, don’t forget to have that as part of the equation. for the Weaken math and Empower math. if you want to keep it simple, don’t worry about Effective.

then figure out the damage possible with the different combo’s of Empower & Weaken and compare.

don’t worry about any other affixes that boost damage, as you just want to find out the damage values for the Weaken & Empower combo’s. this will save time and make figuring out the math easier.