Ultra rapid fire!

Can you rate my Build

my build called “Ultra Rapid Fire” because it shoots rapidly like a Heavy Machine Gun!

Hope you like my build

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Is this for PVP or PVE?

All affixes at max.
What’s your secret? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you maintain your HP when your using this build?
Using potions?
Nice shibe btw

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I’m sure he has his techniques @Emman, lol. Oh dude btw, congrats on the DQTester status. How is it? Oh and I fought you in BA, dem axes.

I can see this as a Pvp build, but for Pve, I think if you are gonna use Glasscannon, just make it 100% because with that build, either way you’re gonna die in 1 hit on higher maps.


Thanks, well it’s exciting to be part of it ^^.
Yeah I seem to find you in the BA as well. Got to evade that arrow lol.
This was my build on open beta. I think I can go to eternal with it without adjusting it lol.
Dunno xD

Meta change :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this build is more suited for PVE but yeah also possible for PVP ^^

this build for PvE because he dont have stun immute and frozen immute. in arena reflect can cause effect too like shock, if your enemy reflect cause a E.Crit. u stunned = dead. even ur survivebility at edge. i see your bleed chance only on pet withis 10%. in arena scaled it only give u 3% to bleed your enemy and since u have vampiric touch, u dont have any hp regen, ur chance to heal 1% hp per bleed are to low. and since it rapid fire, it will burn your hp much faster = u expose your self in great danger.

For PvE, if u have hireling. i will change those leather with exposed mythic. atleast exposed enemy recieve more damage from both toon.

Sorry tho if this not what comment u want. but i like that perfect roll.

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My bad, I didn’t realize this has no immunities and has an Ignore Resist affix, it is for PVE like they said.

@Emman it’s cronos’ build with only minor changes, so I give full credits to him. Lol, it’s a real stinger in pvp.

@cronos4321 Everyone likes the perfect rolls. Lol. wink

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lol u take that credit, i only give a guide. u use your CS & MS to craft that. and we all know how hard it was to get the exactly affix expecially crystal affix and lagend affix lol. not count yet about how many diamond u need to use lol

how much is your damage and crit damage? may I know?

Now if you would add the sanctuary mythical, that would be a lot more like kindred, eh? :wink:

sanctuary on what stuff?

It’s a league of legends reference to his name. Kindred is a champion with a skill that protects her and all allies in a zone from dying for 2 or 3 seconds. His username is Kindred and as there was a gamemode called ultra rapid fire in league for some time I assume he also plays lol. Sanctuary has a similar effect to that.

The best I have gotten from 1 eternal is a ruby. I still need 4 of those to get an onyx. Let’s say you need an average of 8 eternal/crystal items to get an onyx. That is 48 eternals to make a set of 6 items with crystal affixes. Of course I’m not using this method when rerolling or enchanting epics, but I find my time too valuable to risk hours of it if I might just as well not do so.

that mean ur luck just SUCK.! and if u already read other thread, i just made my proper farming build because i know luck not 100% always helping. but hardwork will never betray.

Huh? There is no luck. There is only random chance. It doesnt “suck”, it isnt “good” either, its just there. If you try to enchant an item and want affix A and you record everytime you get it and you record everytime you dont get it and do that 1000 times you will know exactly how many crystals you will need to get the affix you want, at least statistically speaking. Let’s just assume you get the adfix you want every 3rd enchant. That would mean that you would need 3x as many crystals as someone who gets it everytime. You essentially spend 3x as much time as someone else who is using the upload/download method. If you have that free time that’s very nice for you, but I don’t and I don’t want to test my “luck”.

Deleted some posts.
Keep it cool and do not teach people how to exploit please :slight_smile:

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u see what i mean with unfair = time spent, Cs consume with 100% get what u want. basicly u stupid method just same as u cheat.

Work smart, not hard.

why not root and just complete hack the game. be smart among all player who use same method as u. but to me, u just another cheater.

RNG might be annoying sometimes since you can’t control or obtain what you want, but it makes you feel great when you get what you wanted.That’s the main idea behind RNG.

Imagine yourself before the devs release CS/MS system, things are a lot better now :slight_smile:

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