Ultra rare items

From what floor can we get the new ultra rare items? I’m farming it for quite awhile now but still didn’t get any.

Floor 1000 up but don’t go as high as floor 1300, see my post if you want to know what kind of ultra legend item you were looking for.

They are now able to craft via dust . They revealed the al


Oh, there’s a new patch today. They’ve increased the drop rate of it. Thanks!

The drop rate was increased and you can now buy with dust in lieu of hunting.


yeah and I got one hehe just now


Okay. Nothing that suits a summoner build then. Im sticking to summons.

Can you share to me your summoner build?

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I will post someone elses build that was inspired by my builds Pistoleer Rogue Build: Summoning Princess

Its a deadly one :grinning: