Um.... how can obtain legend pet?

I want to regend pet which have set affix …

My luck is 600%

What should I do to get set affix pet??

Legend Pets are very low chance to drop from defeating an Enslaver. the Enslaver Feat drops a Legend Pet as a reward when you defeat a number of Enslavers. look in the Codex under Feats to see how many Enslavers you need to kill to get the Legend Pet. there is a small chance that the Legend Pet will drop as an Eternal Pet. on floors 400+, there are other Enslaver Feats that when completed, you can get an Eternal Pet as a reward.

I always check Enslaver feat…but I could not get regend affix pet

Is there a way to increase the probability of legend pets?

high Luck and I think the Nadroji Set can increase the chance for an Enslaver to drop a Legend Pet. but the chances are still low. the 1 hour monster boost will guarantee an Enslaver on every map for an hour, but that costs real money. otherwise, they show up randomly. I think they show up more often on Challenge maps, but I am not sure.

you need to kill 200 Enslavers to get a Legend Pet as a reward from the Feat.
you need to kill 150 Enslavers to get a Legend Pet as a reward from the Feat If You Have The Accomplished Perk

there are some players who farm lower floor maps for only Enslavers. ignore everything on the map except for Enslavers, that way you can do more maps in a short period of time looking for Enslavers and getting Pet drops. I think I have gotten a few Legend Pets from Enslaver Drops, but most of my Legend Pets are from completing the Feats.

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Thank you . I really helped alot

no problem. there was a post somewhere by another player who worked really hard to get Legend and Eternal Pets faster, and it still wasn’t very easy. haha, I just did a search on farming for legend Pets and found this hilarious post. it’s old, so don’t answer it. the post ends up sounding like a comedy sketch with the last post sounding like a great punch line. anyways, there are some other posts by players who were looking for better ways to farm for Legend & Eternal Pets. maybe some of the posts will give you some ideas, or better ideas for what to search for.


Accomplished and treasured perks are very helpful . The eternal set increases the chance of any legend pet drop being an eternal instead. As does finishing the legend pet drop on a legend or eternal map.

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Using narodji help you finishing feats the more is best

The best way is finish the Feat.
Go to lower floors and find enslavers.
Tip: Ensalver spawns mostly in upper left and right corner of the map :wink:

To complete the feat, you need to be above floor 400

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Enslavers tend to appear near cartographer. Go straight for the cartographer. Kill him. If there is no sniff of an enslaver then move onto the next map.

Add prayer

@Lmgj2010 try my information below on Pet hunting. Good luck. Tap the top right corner caron/haček to show the list for 3.0.


I’ve noticed that enslavers appear more after floor 400 or maybe I just dreamed

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I don’t know what the rows of the floors are like, I only see 200 floors, can you take a print to help me understand where this 400th floor is, so I can get a sense of the map?

there are two ways to go higher than floor 200.

  1. Cartographers can spawn randomly on Campaign Maps. when you defeat them, they drop a Challenge Map for the next floor. for example, if you are on Floor 500, it will drop a Challenge Map for Floor 501. all Challenge Maps have a Cartographer, so if you defeat the Cartographer, you get a Challenge Map for the next Floor.

  2. go to the Shop in the game and buy a Challenge Map. it’s floor will be the same as the one you are on. defeat the Cartographer in the Map to get a Challenge Map for the next Floor.